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Week of Nov 15th - Nov 21st,  2002

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The US Flag

   WASHINGTON- Nov. 9 -"President Bush has settled on a war plan for Iraq that would begin with an air campaign shorter than the one for the Persian Gulf war, senior administration officials say. It would feature swift ground actions to seize footholds in the country and strikes to cut off the leadership in Baghdad."

President Bush

Pres George W Bush

   "The plan, approved in recent weeks by Mr. Bush well before the Security Council's unanimous vote on Friday to disarm Iraq, calls for massing 200,000 to 250,000 troops for attack by air, land and sea. The offensive would probably begin with a "rolling start" of substantially fewer forces, Pentagon and military officials say."

   NYT- November 10. 2002

The UN vote

The UN vote

   The Web has been watching history unfold, knowing that this President is determined to enlist Mars in his cause. The conflict is indeed coming, as the storm clouds gather on the horizon. This was all perceived before the UN gave it's unanimous vote to support the return of arms inspectors, and before Congress voted on October 11 to authorize the President to use force to deal with Iraq. Prior to the vote many Senators and Congressmen had returned from their summer recess with concerns about a rush to judgement; but when the vote came, few save Senator Wellstone and Congressman Byrd had much to say. From the Web on September 13, 2002:

   "Uranus conjuncted the US Moon July 17, 1918. The next day the Aisne-Marne offensive was launched in the trenches of France, with more than 250,000 Americans, together with the French, attacking the Germans. This was the offensive that was to give the Allies the initiative for the final push to November and the Armistice. It was literally the turning point of the war."

   "We have one more pass that Uranus must yet make to the US Moon in the current cycle next year (on January 15th, 2003). Will history repeat itself?"

USing the B-1 as a backdrop

Using the B-1 as a backdrop

   So far, the numbers of US combatants in the two conflicts are the same. Now let's see how Athena does with the dates. We've examined Iraq's chart and noted December 30th as a climax of the air war, when Pluto will oppose Iraq's Moon. By that time the nation's infrastructure will have been effectively ripped to shreds. Many mothers will wail into the night. It is likely that this aerial attack will commence somewhere around the 13th to 15th of December and build to its sadistic and surgical conclusion by the end of the month. Nevertheless, this is just the first phase of the process, building to a fuller troop commitment by land, sea and air on the 15th of January. This is when we amassed our forces under the previous pass of this same cycle. The finale will culminate on January 27th, when Iraq's progressed Ascendant conjuncts Pluto.

Iraqi Oil

A refinery outside Baghdad

   While there can be little doubt about the outcome of the immediate conflict, what has not been fully appreciated by the administration is the fallout which will occur as a result of our belligerent actions. We have villanized an individual for an unprovoked invasion of a country with his weapons of mass destruction for the purposes of gaining control over Kuwaiti oil. As an ultimate act of judgement, we are now about to launch an unprovoked invasion of a country using our weapons of mass destruction for the purposes of controlling Iraqi oil.

   This all brings to mind another chapter of history. From Livy's early history of Rome:

   Insult was added to what was already sufficiently disgraceful, for the weights which the Gauls brought for weighing the metal were heavier than standard, and when the Roman commander objected the insolent barbarian flung his sword into the scale, saying "Vae Victis!"- "Woe to the vanquished!"

   The American people have been duped, and only time will fully illustrate the folly of our ways.