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Week of Oct 18th - Oct 24th,  2002


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   "But now the God of Earthquake, storming home over the mountains of Asia from the Sunburned land, sighted him far away. The god grew sullen and tossed his great head, muttering to himself:


Poseidon on a good day

   "Here is a pretty cruise! While I was gone the gods have changed their minds about Odysseus. Look at him now, just offshore of that island that frees him from the bondage of his exile! Still I can give him a rough ride in, and will."

   Brewing high thunderheads, he churned the deep with both hands on his trident- called up wind from every quarter, and sent a wall of rain to blot out land and sea in torrential night. Hurricane winds now struck from the South and East shifting North West in a great spume of seas, on which Odysseus' knees grew slack, his heart sickened, and he said within himself:

   "Rag of man that I am, is this the end of me? I fear the goddess told it all too well- predicting great adversity at sea and far from home. Now all things bear her out: the whole rondure of heaven hooded so by Zeus in woeful cloud, and the sea raging under such winds. I am going down, that's sure..."

   A great wave drove at him with toppling crest spinning him round, in one tremendous blow, and he went plunging overboard, the oar-haft wrenched from his grip. A gust that came on howling at the same instant broke his mast in two, hurling his yard and sail far out to leeward. Now the big wave a long time kept him under, helpless to surface, held by tons of water, tangled, too, by the seacloak of Kalypso. Long, long, until he came up spouting brine, with streamlets gushing from his head and beard..."

   -Fitzgerald translation


Neptune and some poor mariner

   The Poseidon of Homer's day was Lord of the Sea, but we have come to think of him as Neptune. This god is thought to represents our hold on reality through our inner belief systems. As Homer so beautifully illustrates, torrential nights with hurricane winds are but a few of the powers of the Earthshaker's Trident. Neptune also represents the tempests which can force us to 'let go' of our realities. From floods to earthquakes, Neptune holds sway. After Zeus and his brothers defeated the Titans, they were locked in Tartarus (one of the regions of the Underworld), behind bronze gates made by Poseidon. The elemental powers lie buried so deeply within that we have all but forgotten them.

   As we mark time through this last decade of the Pisces, realize that we will witness sweeping changes in the world we believe in. Neptune (Poseiden) is the ruler of Pisces, and Homer accurately describes the essential celestial nature of this god and planet as defined by astrology. During this final decade, we will witness the power of this archetype being discharged increasingly around the world. The dark side is being manifested here. In defense of Neptune, our faith must be tested in the darkness, and we will be judged by our actions. In other words, we must turn to the light that shines within rather than without and be guided by it.

   As a result of the growing tumult of cross currents over the next ten years, all of the planetary pivots will become increasingly powerful. The angels of creation have much work to do to flush the old ways and bring in the new. This coming Sunday, October 20th, is one of these times as Neptune pivots and begins its forward motion under the light of the Full Moon. On the high side of the pivot, the capacity to engage in prayer, to listen within for our personal guidance, and to employ creative visualization is increased. For those who fail to preceive this inner light, only the external darkness remains.

   Poseidon was a shapeshifter who appeared variously as a horse, bird, ram, bull and dolphin. He can assume many forms, and will, as each of us learn to dance with the ebbing ocean tide of time.