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Week of Oct 11th - Oct 17th,  2002

Cross Currents

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   We now stand at a crossroads of history, wherein the rules of conduct are being rewritten.


The river's course

   Although we are not quite yet immersed in the birth of the New Age, we are witnessing the collision of two diametrically opposed points of view coming together like two great rivers in a narrow canyon. Each is strong and sure of its own course. Each is convinced the channel that carries it is the only true and proper path. Yet when they converge, their spirits surge and merge in a tempestuous maelstrom, generating whirlpools, undertows, and cross currents easily capable of shearing uprooted trees.

   These are dangerous waters to attempt to navigate.

Rivers converge

Rivers converge

   In our depiction, one current is the water sign Pisces, while the other represents the stream of Aquarius. As these two Ages collide and clamor for their claim to the throne of life, many will be caught in these whirlpools as time turns in on itself.

   Pisces is the consciousness of the last two thousand years. Work and faith (Virgo and Pisces) have been the watchword of these centuries. In their highest state they represent a surrender of self to a higher authority, not of this world, but of another. Work in service to this higher ideal has been harnessed by the church to help obtain a more perfect union between heaven and earth; but the flip side to this celestial combination is that people have blindly followed leaders with a deep faith in their abilities, at least enough faith to follow them into war.

   We now stand in the final decade of the old age, with Aquarius right around the corner and the new pretender to the throne eager to take up his crown. This new vibration will not look so much to the inner serenity of a simplified and heightened consciousness, but will see the divinity of all things and people, within and without. Rather than trying to remove ourselves from the world, it is time we attempted to attune ourselves to it, and help it to once again find balance in its role as mother of all life on this planet.



   As Aquarius moves in to supplant Pisces, know that the rules are about to change. When the Bush administration opens with a new 'first strike' capacity, they are, by example, setting the stage for others to do the same. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, the transgression galvanized the world into collective action against the belligerent. Now, we are preparing to become the belligerent. According to Senator John W. Warner, a Virginia Republican, "This is one of the greater debates in the contemporary history of the Senate." In this, he is correct, but the ramifications of the course of action by the US will not be fully realized until it is too late.



   What the US has failed to perceive is that Pisces represents a collapse from within. We like to claim that our strategic initiative brought the USSR to its knees; but the USSR collapsed from within, of it's own weight. As the final remaining superpower, the same will happen to us. It is not that Iraq will win the upcoming conflict, but that the US is about to squander many of our remaining resources, leaving ourselves with an incredible debt and the contempt of the international community for having thumbed our nose at them.

   We are about to become the bully on the block, and the administration must act quickly before the voice of the people can rise to a level to stop it.