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Week of Oct 4th - Oct 10th,  2002

Our Place in History

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The US Flag

   It's interesting being an astrologer, watching the cycles of history unfold. For those who know how to read the language, the stars speak to us. They provide clues regarding many of the future trends of civilization, while offering more than your usual number of advantages from hindsight. So often in school, we are taught we learn from history, and that's why we spend so much time studying it. But if history teaches us anything, it illustrates that for every time there is a season: A time to be born, and a time to die, etc. In other words, the full spectrum of possibilities has already occurred, with truth and honesty winning the day on one occasion, and duplicity and double-dealing receiving the nod on another. What history teaches us is that one size does not fit all, and that you cannot just take any episode from the past and simply graft it onto a current occasion and say, "This is the solution to this problem." There are times when diplomacy may be the best path to win a deliberated settlement, and there may be other times when taking action in lieu of negotiation is the path of valor.

Sky and Earth

Relationship of Sky and Earth?

   While watching the national character unfold, it's interesting to observe what history has had to say about the past. Time provides an objective framework with which we read of the struggle, and become familiar with its spirit. The stars describe these trends as they happen, but can also be used to look backward or forward in time.

   Over the last few weeks, we've been examining the future of the USA. Specifically, we've looked at the next two years, with the public mood being continually stimulated by triggers to the US Moon, like a flag caught in a strong wind. We are about to become emotional and obsessive, especially over issues where we believe our fundamental rights are concerned: Of the market over its supply, of countries over their people, of women over their bodies, over the cost of food. The market is going to be dramatically impacted, simply because it is hard wired to the mood of the people.

Bush at the UN

The Progressed US New Moon

   The progressed US New Moon (the progressed Sun conjuncting the US natal Moon) is giving us a thrust of testosterone nationally. It was exact in November, 2001, just two short months after September 11th, when the national juices were still running high. The blood was up, and it still is, but celestially speaking it is too soon to be guiding this enthusiasm into major new endeavors. Way too soon. Having made the conjunction, the progressed US Sun is now 'Void of Course', having finished its work in the old sign. We must prepare for our new role in 2005, when there will be a far different national mood. This is when our new initiatives should begin in earnest, but with a humility born of loss. To try and fund a project under this Void of Course period would be like trying to fill a black hole. It's gonna cost a lot of money, and there's going to be no financial payback not to mention the lives lost in the process. The guiding spirit (the Sun) of the entire enterprise is missing.

   According to the Maya, we are coming to the end of a long period of darkness. According to the stars, we stand in the final decade of the Age of Pisces. What we are witnessing is the crystallization of an old way of thinking, and the drama is getting ready to unfold. Yet, it is already galvanizing people to action, and that is part of it's purpose.