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Week of Sep 27th - Oct 3rd,  2002

The Future in the Past

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The US Flag

   "A cold and penetrating mist settles over the sea, obscuring the stars above and leaving only an inner compass by which to sight our passage. The upper sails of our rigging melts into the morning mists, and is lost to sight. Dawn is not far off with its lure of light; but the forecast is uncertain. The raw bite of the cold cuts sharply through the layers, as our ship of state cleaves its way through the damp, enveloping darkness intent on its destination. There's still a long way to go. Meanwhile, the captain is below, sound asleep."

Night Ship

Ship of State?

   That's how we opened our column for October 12th, 2001, and it's important that we bring the theme we developed there back into the overall mix. Over the last couple of months, we've been examining our current political, social, and economic place in history. What are the patterns, when did they occur before, and how did the US, as a nation, respond at the times they occurred? Part of the beauty of all of this is that it's theoretical; I mean, it's still in the future. Who can say? But as we approach the dates outlined by the stars, it's interesting to see just how the currents build, and what the Web had to say about how it would all wash out.

   In examining our place in history, we have been noting the triggers to the US Moon; of Uranus conjuncting it both this year and next, and Pluto's preparation to parallel it late in 2003 and 2004. These are our more specific investigations of late.

Bush at the UN

Bush at the UN

   But we need to remember the larger picture, which we examined a year ago in a column entitled, Sailing Into the Fog. In it, Athena stated,

   "After the Sun conjuncts the Moon (initiating a New Moon cycle), it's finished making all the aspects it will make while passing through Aquarius. It has no more work to do until it enters Pisces in late 2004. This is what is known as a Void of Course period. Characteristically, it is a time when one lets one's guard down, and our focus tends to lapse."

   "Under V/C energy, things don't go as planned. What you think will happen, organize or engage goes off track, and new, unexpected directions emerge. As we listen to proposed governmental invectives, know that they won't turn out like that. This V/C period is occurring while the progressed Sun is passing through the 3rd house, so specifically our trade policies, the travel industry in general, and the ability to properly protect our borders (neighbors) will be some of the areas where we tend to lose our focus. Under afflicted Aquarian alignments, we fight for peace or use inhumanitarian means to bring about a new humanity, and other oxymorons. It's an exciting time, partly because people are nuts."

Bush and Rice

Bush and Rice


Condoleeza Rice

   George W. Bush & Co. are currently announcing through the pentagon papers an entire, new, comprehensive plan for the Middle East. As the world's lone remaining superpower, his entourage wants to widen the gap between ourselves and any belligerent nation that might want to vie with us. Call it whatever you'd like, this is a major administrative initiative, and, in the Web stated above, it says it ain't gonna happen. What is happening is our ship of state is hard towards the rocks of fiscal reality. The reverberations of this course are only just beginning to be felt. We will embark on a far humbler and wiser course administratively once into 2005.