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Week of Sep 20th - Sep 26th,  2002

The Word of Washington

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The US Flag

   Over the last few weeks we have been examining the future of the US of A. Of the many alignments which will occur next year, there are two that stand out for individual investigation. They are:

Different Drummer

Different drummer

   Uranus conjuncting the US Moon, which will make its final pass on January 15, 2003. We have reviewed the history of this alignment on August 2nd and August 23rd, and made some predictions about how things might unfold in last week's Web. The gist of this configuration was that the US was a free-spirited, independent minded nation which was excellent at leading the world in new inventions, political systems, and institutions of higher learning. The down side of this configuration is that we really do march to the beat of a different drummer and may be ready to go to war even when international law and protocol argue against it.

Spirit of '76

Spirit of '76

   The other alignment is Pluto paralleling the US Moon, a theme we discussed in the August 9th, August 16th, and August 30th, editions of the Web. Under this combination, powerful forces worked to stir deep reservoirs of national sentiment over issues such as a.) the end of traditional modes of representation in gov't manifesting in the rewriting of elements of the Constitution and the exposure of corruption at very high levels, b.) the role of women in our society, and c.) fatal decisions involving other peoples politically ensnared with the US in which corruption, subterfuge and even genocide can be involved.

Pluto's Rape of Proserpina

Rape of Proserpina

   Pluto is a passionate planet which deals a desire to own other's possessions. It's what the 10th commandment advises us against. The Moon rules land, agrarian, and domestic interests. As Pluto moved into its alignment with the US Moon in the early 1820s, Americans were eyeing various areas for agricultural expansion. Southerners began to covet Texas, and in 1823, Mexico offered them cheap land. These seeds were later to blossom in the Mexican War.

   We also wrestled geographically with Russia at this time, attempting to determine the latitude which would divide Alaskan territory, controlled by the Czar, and the northern expansion of US interests.

   But the most blatant landgrab took place within 48 hours of the Feb. 10, 1825 alignment of Pluto to the US Moon. On Feb. 12, the Treaty of Indian Springs, a contract with a few Creek chieftains was signed. These individuals agreed to turn over all lands in Georgia to the government and promised to migrate west by Sept. 1, 1826. It made little difference to our government that the treaty was rejected by other chieftains and most Creeks, or that native government was not representative, as ours is.

Hopothle Mico

Hipothle Mico

Creek Indians

Creek Indians

   The final parallel occurred on Jan. 27th, 1826. Three days earlier, on Jan. 24th, the Treaty of Indian Springs was modified, and a new contract called the Treaty of Washington was signed with the gov't. Essentially the same as the first treaty, it postponed the day of reckoning from Sept, 1826, to Jan. 1st, 1827, in the heart of winter. Naturally, it forcefully removed the Creeks from their native land.

   In the past, there have been decided attempts by the US government to manipulate, coerce, and force people from their land under the influence of Pluto paralleling the US Moon. The political process was also manipulated to further personal ends. The bottom line in the 1820s was economic, as real estate whetted the appetite of the expanding American populace. The pattern of history says that the same thing will happen in 2003 as the United States government force others out of their officially sanctioned roles and decide for them what their fates should be. This time this trigger will be on an international, rather than a national level, and yet will take place in spite of international protest.