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Week of Sep 13th - Sep 19th,  2002

Masters of War

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The US Flag

   Last week we started an examination of Iraq's natal chart, a nation born on July 14, 1958 in Baghdad. With all the saber rattling which can be heard emanating out of Washington lately, it's evident that a confrontation is brewing between the United States and Iraq, or to put it more succinctly, between the Bush administration and Saddam Hussein.

Battleship Wisconsin

Battleship Wisconsin in the Gulf War

   In the foreseeable future, there is a time that is drawing near when the agitation between the two nations will be likely to build to a crescendo. In our Predictions for the USA, 2002 and 2003, we looked ahead to the potentiality of war, noting that during the last cycle of Uranus over the US Moon in 1918, it precipitated one of the most powerful battles in World War I in which the US was involved.

   Uranus conjuncted the US Moon July 17, 1918. The next day the Aisne-Marne offensive was launched in the trenches of France, with more than 250,000 Americans, together with the French, attacking the Germans.

The Doughboy

The American Doughboy

   The Second Battle of the Marne marked the turning of the tide in World War I. It began with the last German offensive of the conflict and was quickly followed by the first allied offensive victory of 1918. The American Expeditionary Force fighting under overall French command played key roles both in the initial defense and the later advances. In the Second Battle of Marne with 30,000 killed and wounded, the United States started suffering casualties on the enormous scale usually associated with the battles of the Great War. This was the offensive that was to give the Allies the initiative for the final push to November and the Armistice. It was literally the turning point of the war, but at great cost in lives. We have one more pass that Uranus must yet to make to the US Moon in the current cycle next year. Will history repeat itself?

The cemetary for Aisne-Marne

The cemetary for Aisne-Marne

   In Iraq's chart, we do not have the luxury of over 200 years of history to examine previous passes of the outer planets; but we do have some potent combinations coming up on the horizon. At the end of December, on the 30th and 31st, 2002, transiting Pluto will first oppose the Iraqi Moon, just as Uranus inconjuncts the Iraqi Ascendant the next day. The nation and people will be most fractured at this time. Either one of these combinations by itself can be quite powerful. Pluto opposing Iraq's Moon metaphorically states that this is a painful 'death' of the country, it's homes and people. Uranus inconjuncting the Ascendant is some sort of technological damage, breakage or 'accident'.

The cemetary for Aisne-Marne

The Gulf War

   But Pluto's role in this drama is not over. One month later, Iraq's progressed Ascendant conjuncts Pluto on January 27th, 2003. Even with the earlier opposition to the Moon, this is when the most powerful card is being played, and Pluto's potency is being fully discharged. In effect the 'face' of the country is being dramatically replaced. This is the most violent of the upcoming triggers, when death and destruction will rear its ugly head.

   It is in between these two dates that Uranus conjuncts the US Moon. On January 15th, the final pass of the current cycle will occur. Now it's easy enough to speculate and say that the air offensive will take place at the end of December, with the ground assault unleashed on January 15th, and the resulting climatic push coming on the 27th. This is, of course, if this conflict follows the same lines as its Gulf War predecessor, but it need not be the case. While these currents will reach various 'peaks' at these times, it is still our free will that shapes the events which occur, as we are coauthors together with the Creator. Are the use of weapons of mass destruction the proper way to teach the world that weapons of mass destruction are not to be used? Or do they instead teach us that whoever uses them the most successfully is then left to be able to dictate the terms and write the history?