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Week of Sep 6th - Sep 12th,  2002

Iraq Attack II

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The Iraqi Flag

Iraqi Flag

   With the focus and attention being paid by the current administration leading the way, its time we took a look at the soul of Iraq once again. Most of the Web's speculation about the future usually involves examining the chart of the United States of America, which was 'born' on the 4th of July, 1776; but this week we'll do a review of the nation of Iraq, 'born' on the 14th of July, 1958.

Map of Iraq

Map of Iraq

   We have already taken an extensive look at this middle Eastern nation, in the September 10, 1990, September 17, 1990, and September 24, 1990 editions of the WEB. At that time tensions were building as the US and the International community prepared to deal with Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August. During our series of investigations, Athena made predictions about what would later become history, demonstrating astrology's ability to look into the future and see when the celestial currents will be most powerful. We are using the same birth map for Iraq we used at that time, and it would seem that there are indeed some very powerful storm clouds brewing on the horizon.

   First of all, let's look at their natal map: Iraq was born shortly after dawn on the 14th of July, and has both its Sun and Ascendant in Cancer. The emotional ties that it's people feel for their country run very strong and deep.

   The Sun falling in the 12th house (just above the eastern horizon) manifests in several ways. On the one hand there are those who feel very disillusioned, lost, and separate from the national identity, and naturally this would relate not only to the Shiite and Kurdish populations in the south and north, but also to those in the political mainstream who are unhappy with all the turmoil and chaos which Iraq has experienced since the War with Iran in the '80s. The Sun in Cancer in the 12th can represent many unhappy people who feel disenfranchised, but at the same time, this alignment can also be the strong religious sentiment we find so predominant throughout the Islamic world. It can manifest as a people who are willing to give up worldly desires and individual aspirations in an effort to surrender to a higher spiritual authority.

Iraqi Seal

The Seal of Iraq

   The US is a Cancerian nation as well, with our Neptune (the generic ruler of the 12th house) at our Midheaven. This gives us some of the same emotional sentiments that we find in Iraq's natal chart, except that our spiritual surrender naturally chooses Christianity as its vehicle instead of Islam. Nevertheless, the identification with home and country, with a real devotion to community emerges whenever we are attacked. Adversity galvanizes our diversity. This can also be said of the Iraqi people, who see the US as the final phase of an extended period of western colonial imperialism.

   Unfortunately, the flip side to both of these similar celestial combinations can be a predominately emotional reaction to life, unencumbered by the thought process. When one's home and family are attacked, rationale flies out the window. Those involved feel like its a time for action, rather than analysis. Waves of patriotism can give us a sense of pride in our nation, and can fuel heroic accomplishments for the community. It was precisely these sentiments, noble though they may have seemed at the time, which paved the way for World War I and its senseless loss of life. Next week, we will discuss when the storm clouds will loom most menacingly.