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Week of Aug 2nd - Aug 8th,  2002

End Game

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The US Flag

   We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming in order that we might join our annual examination of the nation for the upcoming year. The United States of America was born on the 4th of July, 1776. The positions of the planets and stars at that moment contains clues to the soul of this great nation.

   Last year, in our predictions for 2002 (written in mid-summer well before September 11th), we anticipated that war was around the corner. History clearly showed how flag waving patriotism blinded folks to the larger picture. The US Moon is in Aquarius. We are a land of the free with a multi-colored genetic background. Every continent on the globe contains a sizeable community of people who call themselves Americans. As transiting Uranus has been passing over the US Moon, it's electrical 'charge' has been hi-lighting our lunar light and all it represents. What follows is some of the historical background on the passage of Uranus over the US Moon the last two times it occurred.

US Moon

US Moon in Aquarius

   Prior to the current set of alignments, Uranus conjuncted the US Moon in 1918 at the end of WWI. The US Moon is late in Aquarius, at 26 and 56' of that sign. While Uranus passes through the earlier degrees, our personality plays out on the international stage, in front of the community of nations, a champion for social justice. While England, Russia and Germany fought, Pres Woodrow Wilson called for peace among the belligerents, without a final victory. Later, when Germany sued for peace, they turned to Wilson as arbitrator, even though the US had by that stage entered the war against Germany. With the armistice, Wilson rode high on a wave of popular opinion, both in Europe and the US, helping to set the stage for the League of Nations.

Pres Jackson

Pres Andrew Jackson

   In the previous pass under Andrew Jackson, the 'people' had found their champion. Jackson was able to rely on public support. At his inauguration, folks from every social station showed up and expected they would be able to shake the new president's hand, so wide spread was his appeal.

   Under the most recent pass, we have George W Bush, a president catipaulted to popularity in the aftermath of September 11th. But the attack came while the transiting Moon was Void of Course. Even the progressed US Moon was Void of Course on 9/11. The progressed US Sun is at the end of Aquarius, and even Uranus is into its end game. After Uranus went over the US Moon for the final time in 1919, Wilson's spell was broken. He suffered a stroke while stumping for the League of Nations, and his petition died on the vine. The US never did become a member of the League of Nations. This final conjunction was the Void of Course aspect for Uranus, signaling a social cycle had come to an end. Throw in the end of the Age of Pisces for good measure, and we have a host of planetary themes coming to completion, and which will continue to do so throughout next year.

   Normally we hear about Void of Course activity involving the Moon, but any planet can be Void of Course. It's simply made its last major aspect while moving through a sign and is finished its work, but hasn't moved into the new energy (sign) yet. These are various cycles, but they have in common a world view of looking at things which is over. We just may not have fully recognized it yet.