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  Week of December 14th - December 20th,  2001


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   George Harrison's passing last week
John Lennon

prompted many of us to listen anew to the hopes, dreams and aspirations of another time as we once again listened to old Beatle tunes. It was twenty one years ago this month that John was unexpectedly taken from us as an assassin's bullet struck him down.

   The Sun sign of an individual's chart is a major component of their pattern, but it is only a single layer. Each of the planets of the zodiac play a part in describing the entire makeup of the individual. John was a Libra. That was his 'Sun sign.' Besides the obvious association that this gives him as a musician, John's focus was always on relationships. Initially of course, the world came to know him as part of the Lennon/McCartney songwriting team; but later, as his loyalties shifted, Yoko emerged as his partner and we experienced him in a new light. Part of the allure of his early songwriting days were simple love songs. From 'She Loves You' to 'Starting Over,' finding the equilibrium in the celestial scales was always central to his quest.

   While John's heart, ego and individuality were perpetually wrapped up in his partner
George and John

George and John

(his Mars and Ascendant were also in Libra, enhancing both the artistic and relationship themes), his Mercury was in Scorpio, squaring Pluto in the 10th house. This meant that John always had a way of remaining controversial in the public arena, whether by claiming that the Beatles were as popular as Jesus Christ, getting busted and being ordered to leave the US by the courts, or even in the manner in which he chose to leave us; each of these images represented part of the mental anguish of John Lennon. Mercury in Scorpio is an emotionally powerful position and tends to be mentally possessive, as a glimpse at the following lyrics easily illustrate:

John and Yoko

John and Yoko

'You know that I'm a wicked guy,
and I was born with a jealous mind.
Well I'm not going to spend my time,
just trying to make you tow the line.
You better run for your life if you can, little girl,
hide your head in the sand, little girl,
Catch you with another man,
it's the end, little girl.

   John's Venus was in Virgo, and besides the proficiency this offered in helping to perfect his musical craft, it also inspired him to write about some rather unusual lyrical themes. Virgo is the sign of' work and health.' John penned 'Working Class Hero,' 'I'm so tired,' and 'Cold Turkey'; songs about his state of health, or lack of it.

White Album John

Lonely guy

   In our final example, John also had a natal Mars Neptune conjunction. This generated powerful undercurrents of feeling lost, lonely or estranged from the world. His identity (Mars) was submerged (Neptune). Songs such as 'I'm Only Sleeping,' 'I Don't Want to Spoil the Party,' 'Help,' and 'Hide Your Love Away' illustrate these themes, but it also helped to strip away his identity, to make him Everyman for all of us. He was easy to identify with, becoming an icon of our time. An excellent example of this transluscence is 'Nowhere Man'. But as with so many Neptunian themes, the ability to mold musical and artistic sensitivities went hand in hand with a difficulty in figuring out where his own identity in the world started and ended. Learning to separate himself from his Beatle persona was later to become one of his most powerful struggles.


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