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  Week of November 30th - December 6th,  2001

Try a Little Tenderness

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   With all the changes which have taken place since September 11th,
The US Flag

it's evident to most folks that the celestial currents have shifted. We have briefly examined some of the short and long term effects of a few of these trends in the Web, principally noting that the era of technological prowess has now lost its steam.
USAEagle and Athena Owl

The stock market, travel industry, and airlines in general have groaned under the weight of this reversal. While the US Sun progresses through the remaining three degrees of Aquarius, we will watch as popular support for science, technology and astronomy finds that its base has been eroded.

   In the national map, Aquarius on the third house cusp represents several components of our country's character. Aquarius relates to freedom, independence, and invention, while the third house represents transportation and communication. Put them together and you have a country that highly values its Declaration of Independence, freedom of speech, civil rights and information highway. But these are themes we have already explored. In three years, after the progressed Sun moves into Pisces, the energy will shift once again, taking on a new tenor. If Virgo, an Earth sign, is the sign of matter, so Pisces, Virgo's opposite, is the sign of antimatter. While Virgo can be material acquisition, so Pisces can be loss. Once the US progressed Sun enters Pisces, there will be a sense of loss and suffering which will focus the national psyche.

   But the flip side to this material loss can be spiritual advancement.
US Progressed Sun

After leaving Aquarius
the US Sun will enter Pisces

Stretched upon the loom of time, it is precisely this set of circumstances which paves the way for opportunities to express compassion, hope, and faith. We have seen this as a microcosm through the recent tragedy in New York City. While the stakes and number of lives lost were high, so, too, was the response. The outpouring of love, energy and resources on the part of both individuals and corporations was staggering. The money that poured in from around the world was so strong other charities have been left wanting.

   As the progressed Sun moves into Pisces, there will be a stronger spirituality which assumes center stage. Like each of the other zodiacal signs, this can have both positive and negative ramifications, depending on our personal choices. Traditional religions will see their ranks swell, as people turn to faith in the inner mysteries for answers to the unpredictable events which will surround us. In a time when much will seem attributable solely to chance, acts of human kindness will stand out in greater relief, like the light of a single candle penetrating the darkness. But these traditional lampstands will not be sufficient to contain the spiritual tides which will come to lap our shores. New religious perspectives will also emerge, carrying into prominence teachers of these insights. Many will turn to these nontraditional sources of wisdom, while others will turn instead to personal abuse through drugs and alcohol, in an effort to insulate themselves from the changes which will be taking place everywhere around us.

   We are turning a corner towards a brave, new world, in which the gulf that exists between the have's and the have-nots is narrowed. During this process, there is one thing we can be sure of. In order to make these changes, it won't be business as usual.


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