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  Week of November 16th - November 22nd,  2001

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   The following was one of two columns that was pulled after the tragedy of the Twin Towers on September 11th. In it, the Web was looking back to World War I as having been a parallel period which would foreshadow events which we would be dealing with next year. While the trigger for these events was 'pulled' sooner than anticipated, the correspondences remain. Here then, was that column:

   "As Uranus moved into the latter degrees of Aquarius, it conjuncted and paralleled the US Moon, first in 1835, and again in 1918."

The US Flag

   "Uranus aligns with the US Moon once more next year, in 2002. The culmination, excitement and activities that characterized the themes of Uranus in Aquarius will build to a crest. Although we signed a Declaration of War on April 6, 1917, it wasn't until June that the first American troops arrived in France, and not until July and September 1918 that substantial numbers of US soldiers were thrown into action. The armistice authored a cease fire on November 11, 1918, a short four months later. Uranus was triggering the US Moon, quickly and unexpectedly bringing events to an exciting culmination after what had been a grueling war for the Europeans."

USAEagle and Athena Owl

   "Let's look more closely at US Moon in Aquarius. It makes aspects to other planets in the chart. It inconjuncts both Mercury at 24 degrees of Cancer, and the Midheaven at 24 degrees of Virgo. In laymen's terms, as Uranus by transit 'activates' this set of alignments, like a extended stretch of whitewater, you get a quick, rapid set of rocks which must be negotiated. It is a stimulated period of social turmoil. Everything happens at once, people are at cross purposes, and circumstances starts to rupture, rip, or tear. They can break. Dangerous obstacles are encountered. The outcome can vary. Some rise above, while others collapse under, the pressure."

World War I

World War I

   "In 1918, Uranus conjuncted the Moon on August 17. The next day the Aisne-Marne offensive was launched, with more than 250,000 Americans fighting together with the French. The offensive gave the Allies the initiative in the final push to November and the Armistice. It was the turning point of the war, a war that had endured for four long hard years for the Europeans."

   "But, when Uranus inconjuncts the MC, difficult or crazy decisions can be made. Some would see the choices as mad. In mid-September, 1918, the Allies were preparing to launch the Meuse-Argonne offensive with over a million US troops. They simply overwhelmed the Germans with their numbers while suffering over 120,000 casualties. One officer estimated he lost ten soldiers for every German killed."

   "These Uranian triggers, especially under hard aspects, whip events into a frenzy that is both dangerous and exciting. In 1918, thousands were swept into the currents of change, and when it came, it was sudden and irreversible. Humanitarian principles were translated into inhuman efficiency, doing whatever it took to obtain their objective."


Woodrow Wilson

   "Uranus inconjuncted Mercury on December 4, 1918, the day Pres. Wilson left to set sail for Paris and the peace conference. He took his entourage of college professors, technical experts and advisors, but not a single Republican. This was to be a grievous miscalculation, for any treaties had to be endorsed by Congress. Wilson felt he could overcome this by again going to the people. What he didn't know was that he would have a stroke while on his railroad city stump campaign, and was never the same, physically or politically."

   "Uranus is the planet of unexpected change. As it conjuncted the US Moon, events set the stage for what would shape much of the 20th century."


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