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  Week of November 9th - November 15th,  2001

The Times They Have A'Changed

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   September 11th has become a defining moment for America.
The US Flag

The nation that most of us knew and grew up with is fast becoming a memory. While the full impact of this statement may not yet be immediately evident to some, the nerve that was struck within four hours on that one day has thrown a jolt through the system.
USAEagle and Athena Owl

Yet like a huge ocean liner, it will take time for this great nation to fully change direction.

   The national sentiment we have seen flying from bridges, bumper stickers and car windows is easily identified with the Moon. Home, family, and country is one short stop from patriotism. On the down side, this has been a devastating blow coming from out of the blue, and the loss of life and emotional devastation is incalculable. The financial and business implications, in turn, are becoming more evident with each passing day. The government's decision to meet violence with violence will unfortunately perpetuate the cycle and continue to drain, rather than spark, the national economy. While the US Moon was just ignited by the progressed Sun on October 25th (resulting in the government being voted additional powers in antiterrorism legislation and personal electronic surveillance on that day), we saw the first in a series of laws which will begin to terminate individual freedoms in order to help strengthen the administration. Naturally, there will be civil back lash as liberal and conservative forces argue the issue.

Twin Tower Explosion

Twin Tower with
Flight 175 approaching

   As Uranus aligns with the US Moon next year, we will see additional chapters of this theme being played out. Each time, there will be waves of patriotism, national sentiment, excitement and stimulation. What we sometimes don't anticipate is that they may come about as a result of the danger and destruction which trigger them. Excitement is another way of saying things aren't normal.

   Specifically, the dates that we are looking at are January 26, March 24th, and August 17th. Watch for the national sentiment being strongly stirred either on, or on the days leading up to, these ill fated days.

   With the Moon in Aquarius being triggered this year and next, these are times of national idealization. Sparks are pulsating out across the land in an electrical buzz that stirs community action. Because of this adversity both the national body and the world community stand together, shoulder to shoulder, in common cause. As we draw close to the Age of Aquarius at the end of this decade, opportunities to show where we stand will become increasingly evident. But it's also a time when localized communities can pull together for increased collective action on advancing common cause, as the way NYC and the world reached out to support the firemen, policemen, and victims of the tragedy.

US Flag

   But when we turn to the world community and look for their support in our time of need, we, too, need to be mindful that the world is looking to us to join with them for our collective futures. It is not simply a one-way street. When will we join with the spirit of the Kyoto Treaty to help clean up environmental pollution, precisely because we are the greatest polluters on the planet. The World will stand with us. Will we in turn now stand with them? Thus far, history says we will not. Given free will, what will the future say?


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