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  Week of November 2nd - November 8th,  2001

The Paradox of Patriotism

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   In the Web over the last few weeks,
The US Flag

we've been looking ahead to the 25th and 27th of October
USAEagle and Athena Owl

in an attempt to determine if the pulse we were watching would indeed 'flair' on these dates. In other words, did we get a hit at these times, based upon the outline we proposed in the aftermath of the attack on the Towers?

   The first of these dates was the more important, when the US progressed Sun aligned with the natal Moon Oct 25th. This represented the Aquarian themes we've been studying since July:

Twin Tower Explosion

Twin Tower Explosion

humanitarian concepts, altruistic attitudes, and the idealogy that the world has taken a significant stride forward as we move through the Water Bearer's vibration. For most of the time planets transit through Aquarius, the US represents one of the world's greatest philanthropic benefactors. We lead the way in technology, science, and a unified, peaceful, world exchange. But when the US Moon is triggered in the last few degrees of Aquarius, we go all nationalistic. The Moon represents home or country. Do we embrace world peace, as represented by Aquarius, or do we set ourselves apart for national interests, as illuminated by the Moon? As a nation, we are both, with the Moon IN Aquarius. But as a result, these are the internal tensions we generate. We are a multiracial weave, and therefore have a checkered history of social tension. These have been the themes history has spun before. How will they play out this time?

   On the 25th of October, as a direct result of the events which took place on September 11th, individual rights and civil liberties took a hard right turn. In the face of adversity, these were the headlines on the NYT, for October 26, 2001, page one:


Bush Set To Sign

Measure Provides Tools
White House Sought,
With Some Limits

   "WASHINGTON, Oct. 25- The Senate passed sweeping antiterrorism legislation today, sending President Bush a measure that would expand the government's ability to conduct electronic surveillance, detain immigrants without charges and penetrate money-laundering banks."

The President

The President

   "The measure also permits officials to share grand jury information to thwart terrorism and relaxes the conditions under which judges may authorize intelligence wiretaps..."

   "The Senate vote was 98 to 1, after a 356-to-66 vote in the House on Wednesday. Only Senator Russell D. Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin, voted against the bill, arguing that it would allow unconstitutional searches and punish individuals for vague associations with possible terrorists."

   It seems that the 'Land of the Free' is now not so free. Also on the 26th in Afghanistan, the Taliban claimed a victory with the capture and execution of the renowned opposition tribal leader Abdul Haq.

   On October 27th, progressed Venus paralleled Neptune. Neptune often represents a collective sadness, loss or sorrow, sometimes of a Christian nature. Over the weekend there was the first memorial to the recently departed from the site of the Trade Towers, a moving service which brought many families back to the trade center for the first time since the accident,. In Pakistan, eighteen Christians were murdered in while in the middle of a Church service, presumably in retaliation for the air strikes currently taking place in Afghanistan. In each case, we would seem to have felt the celestial pulse that we were looking for. The predictions, as outlined in the WEB over the last few weeks, should stand.

Boston Globe

Monday, October 29, 2001
Page One

Secrecy on arrests
fuels rights debate

About 1,000 held
after terror attacks

   "Behind an unusually thick curtain of secrecy, US authorities have arrested or detained nearly 1,000 people in a vast dragnet that has, so far, yielded no direct link to the Sept. 11 attacks but has stirred concern about civil liberties abuse."

   "Authorities will not say who is being held on what charges and will not even clarify the precise number of those under detention."

   "Attorneys for those being held say they have encountered a variety of obstructions from investigators that heighten their concern that civil liberties are being denied."

   "The lawyers said they have been denied access to their clients, in some instances not even being told where they are being held. They also say their clients are being physically and verbally abused while in prison and are facing immigration judges less willing to set bail."

   "The September 11 attack was extraordinary and it warrants extraordinary measures," said David Cole, professor of constitutional law at Gerogetown University. "But I'm deeply concerned that we've rounded up an awful lot of wholly innocent people, and when you do that under a veil of secrecy, you create an enmity within the very communities that we need in order to identify true threats."

   "FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III has declined to clarify the number of those still in detention or how many have been released. Mueller said those details are not being disclosed "for a variety of reasons." He did not elaborate."

   "Mindy Tucker, a Justice Department spokeswoman, would say only that "a majority" of those detained or arrested since September 11 remain in custody."


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