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  Week of October 19th - October 25th,  2001

Good Morning, America!

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   We stand at a new dawn for this country,
The US Flag

one that will help to turn our heads around. Two of the most powerful indicators in the chart of the United States of America, the Sun and the Moon, are aligning in the single most powerful aspect in astrology, a conjunction on October 25, which is this Thursday.
USAEagle and Athena Owl

In layman's terms, this is known as a New Moon, and it implies a new start, a rush to action, a subjective opinion, and a focus on home, family, country and the pledge of allegiance.

   In looking back to WWI and noting the patriotic frenzy which led this country into the conflict,the Web was already full stride in examining these themes when the Trade Tower tragedy occurred, and had been tagging each of the columns on the WEBPage with a little, flying flag since last July. Now they are all the rage. We saw it coming.

   Last week, we looked at some of the short term implications for what the next three years will hold for the nation. Technological wonders are about to lose a great deal of their luster.

The progressed Neptune
(arrow, at top)

The October alignment

formed an exact inconjunct to the US Moon in 1929

The wave of hi tech stocks carrying the market, and fueling the economy, is over. Social programs, educational funding, and other service sector needs will be coming up short in light of the additional drain that is being placed on the economy by the new security consciousness. However, as the progressed Sun moves into Pisces in 2004, and indeed, even while it is passing through this Void of Course phase, there is a new humanity that is returning to this land.

   This country is an interesting mix of alternative streams. On the one hand, our national Moon in Aquarius gives us a sense of futuristic vision of world unity; of an inventive, independent spirit which strives to serve the common good motivated by altruistic principles. At our best, we can treat everybogy as family, and genuinely show emotional support, compassion, and do what we can to nurture and take care of them. Science, education, and communication are also all well served by this combination. On the other hand, Neptune conjunct the Midheaven can lead to a strong sense of isolationism; protected and insulated on our east and west coasts by the largest oceans on the planet, and dominating our relationship with our northern and southern neighbors. Since both the Moon and Neptune are water rulers, these opposing themes can ebb and flow from one extreme to another, as public sentiment swings first one way, and then back again. On the high side, the positive side of Neptune can also be felt, as spiritual themes of empathy, sympathy, and our essential unity which rises to its greatest levels in the face of such adversities.

The 1929 Crash

The 1929 Stock Market Crash

   In a historical setting, more than a few people have commented that they didn't think the power of a New Moon, even a progressed New Moon, could have the ramifications they have had. This aspect alone should not have been the core of what happened at the World Trade Center. Basically, they're right. This aspect does not stand alone. The conjunction is within 27 minutes of arc (that's less than half a degree) from inconjuncting the progressed Neptune. When Neptune exactly aligned with the US Moon, forming an inconjunct in 1929, it represented the psychological softening of public sentiment for the stock market crash and the resulting public uncertainty (he said diplomatically) which resulted. The power of this same configuration is what is returning now, and is what is being retriggered by the progressed New Moon.

   As the Dragon swallows its tail and yet is ever renewed, so this spirit of change is bringing a new humanity which is this new day and world we now enter. As the economy is hit and undermined, there is a new currency of compassion and spirit of oneness that is being born from out of the darkness.


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