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  Week of October 12th - October 18th,  2001

Sailing Into the Fog

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   A cold and penetrating mist settles over the sea, obscuring the stars above and leaving only an inner compass by which to sight our passage.
The US Flag

The upper sails of our rigging melts into the morning mists,
Ship of the Night

and is lost to sight. Dawn is not far off with its lure of light; but the forecast is uncertain. The raw bite of the cold cuts sharply through the layers, as our ship of state cleaves its way through the damp, enveloping darkness intent on its destination. There's still a long way to go. Meanwhile, the captain is below, sound asleep.

   In the US chart, the progressed Sun entered Aquarius in the spring of '75, and a new spirit of inventive enterprise began to emerge. Technological futures rose together with pocket calculators. This trend would come to command international markets, but with the conjunction of this Sun to the national Moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius on October 25th, 2001, we stand at the end of this cycle, with no real impetus to new growth for the next three years.

USAEagle and Athena Owl

Like the Bismarck, we have taken a torpedo to our rudder, and no longer have responsive control of our own marketing direction. Our trade policies will begin to flounder. Huge amounts of our national resources are being channelled into protecting airports and borders, and we are developing new technologies for weaponry and information gathering. None of these expenses give back to the community, save through defense industry related jobs. Still more money is being spent to reenergize our economy; but these objectives will not realize their intended goal.

   After the Sun conjuncts the Moon (initiating a New Moon cycle), it's finished making all the aspects it will make while passing through Aquarius. It has no more work to do until it enters Pisces in late 2004. This is what is known as a Void of Course period.

Void of Course Sun

The Void of Course Sun

After making its last
major aspect
but before leaving the sign,
a planet is said to be
"Void of Course."

Characteristically, it is a time when one lets one's guard down, and our focus tends to lapse.

   Under V/C energy, things don't go as planned. What you think will happen, organize or engage goes off track, and new, unexpected directions emerge. As we listen to proposed governmental invectives, know that they won't turn out like that. This V/C period is occurring while the progressed Sun is passing through the 3rd house, so specifically our trade policies, the travel industry in general, and the ability to properly protect our borders (neighbors) will be some of the areas where we tend to lose our focus. Under afflicted Aquarian alignments, we fight for peace or use inhumanitarian means to bring about a new humanity, and other oxymorons. It's an exciting time, partly because people are nuts.

   We've seen V/C for the country before and observed what happened. The progressed Midheaven went V/C at the end of the Gulf War. That was the time our executive (the Midheaven in a national chart) asked the Kurds and Shiites to rise up within Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein. The results are on record. Hussein kicked the stuffing out of them, and the US did nothing to stop him. This action sowed deep seeds of discord in a region where children continue to die daily as a result of embargos backed by the US.

   For the future, we are about to learn secrets which the government has been hiding as a backlash to a freedom of speech crackdown. During the V/C Sun, technologies become erratic, whether on the stock market, in software performance, communication systems, or satellite outages. The Internet becomes intermittent. Power outages become more common. The excitement is also being stimulated by the danger of the times. We stand together as one family and one nation, but we must be careful as to the direction we turn our patriotic enthusiasm.


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