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  Week of October 5th - October 11th,  2001

In God We Trust

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   Athena has been examining the future of the US since last July
The US Flag

, which has us perfectly situated to understand what happened with the recent terrorist attack on the Trade Towers.

USAEagle and Athena Owl

   The US natal Moon in Aquarius is about to be conjuncted by the progressed Sun on October 25th. Our national sentiment (Moon) is being energized by our most powerful star. Like a strong tidal current, national and international sentiment is being galvanized because of the horror of the Twin Towers tradgedy. This New Moon alignment in the 3rd house indicates a new beginning for this country in both trade and travel arenas. It has energized us as a people, bringing us together, but there's also a danger of our lashing out at people of a Middle Eastern heritage in a fervent desire to atone for the sins of their brothers. The Moon conjuncting the Sun means we are becoming emotionally subjective, with our actions being dictated by our feelings rather than reason.

   The down side to this alignment is that as the progressed Sun conjuncts the Moon, it goes Void of Course. The US Moon is located at 26 degrees and 57 minutes of Aquarius. This is the highest degree planet in the US chart. This conjunction between the Sun and Moon is the last major aspect the Sun will make while moving through this sign. It takes the progressed Sun aproximately one year to travel through a single degree.

The White House

The White House
and the economy have always been linked

With three degrees remaining in Aquarius, it will take the US Sun three years to leave Aquarius and enter Pisces, which will, when it enters that sign, represent a new direction for the nation with regard to trade, transportation, and international relations. Until that time these areas will be weakened, losing their strength and vigor.

   The nation is currently standing behind the leadership of President Bush, but from a celestial point of view, the omens are not good. He came into office promising to return taxpayer revenues to the people.

One People

While he honored this promise, it was not a very insightful move, as the Web predicted the government would see the day when they would need those resources as a result of future circumstances. Now, with our heightened military alert and beefed up security, it is obvious where some of these additional revenues are needed, and an extended war, with an elusive enemy and a non-defined set of specific goals (one of the lessons of his father's war) will leave us wide open for increased spending. Further unseen natural disasters will continue to erode the national treasury. Over the next three years, the wisdom of this insight will become increasingly obvious, with the government already eyeing social security revenues as an additional resource from which to draw their funding. Although this sentiment is currently lost in the wave of patriotism currently sweeping the country, the president is squandering national resources partially in the hopes of turning the economy around. In this, he will be disappointed.

In God We Trust

   Just as World Wars I and II generated an incredible source of industry for the nation, this conflict will, in the end, have the opposite result. Faith in the dollar will eventually be seriously underminded. In the final analysis, it is the people's faith that is the ultimate pillar upon which the economy is supported, and that faith has been erroded beyond repair.


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