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  Week of September 28th - October 4th,  2001

Explosion of Emotion

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   We have been closely examining the nature of the national Moon.

The US Flag

   What does the personality, feelings, and emotions of this country look like, as viewed from heaven above? Using history as our guide, we can observe what happened before under this archetype, and use it as an objective platform to judge what were the heights and pitfalls of previous times.

USAEagle and Athena Owl

   Unlike our recent examinations, however, it turned out not to be Uranus that ignited the Moon, but the Sun. The progressed Sun, to be exact.

   Because it is still the Moon that is being triggered, many of the themes we have been examining will be the same, with a few differences. The Sun provides additional clues to our future. For one thing this aspect is also known as a New Moon. It represents both an end and a whole new beginning for this nation. We are currently at the tail end of a cycle that has been under way for the past twenty six years. The time of technology and science assuming an almost spiritual devotion, leading the nation from one modern miracle to another will be seen in the light of history to have come to a peak. This inspiration will now begin to wane as the years and decades pass. Second, the alignment that ignited this conflict on September 11th becomes exact on October 25th, with another powerful alignment sweeping us on the 27th. Whatever this final chapter will hold, the initial impetus will have come to a climax on those two dates.

Secondary Progressions

The New Moon

The US New Moon
exact October 25, 2001

Following October 27th, defining and finding the enemy will become a more illusive task. It will be harder to pinpoint targets or objectives. Over the next three years, an incredible amount of information will begin to open up through leaks, and a far more intensive news media coverage. It will supply information about the horrors of terrorist cells, as well as offering new insights into the corruption that our own government has been a part of.


Silver Towers

   As the progressed Sun conjuncts the national Moon, we are seeing a community outpouring of collective resolution. This is Aquarian energy: people pulling together. We are seeing Americans standing up for Americans, and the world supporting us in our dismay and sorrow. On the one hand, some of our countrymen would have us carry guns and avenge our fallen comrades. On the other hand there are others who would have us carry candles and say a prayer for peace. From a historical perspective, the answer is obvious, yet it is the lesson we must all still learn. It's our choice, our free will to follow the path which most calls to us, and under lunar alignments, this is a difficult decision to make because we are so personally and emotionally involved.
Twin Towers in warmer days

In warmer days

This was our family that was hurt. Patriotism is not the question here. Most of us love the land that gave us life, food, and form. But when did patriotism become synonymous with militarism? It takes more courage to carry a flickering light than it does to carry a weapon, and yet each claim some of the founding principles of this land.

   In a single stroke of premeditated malice, an enemy has struck at the core of this nation. It paralyzed the nation's air industry, throwing it upon the mercy of Congress, and has made people afraid to travel. The markets are reeling, and the bands the world over are playing our national anthem. Our children are going to be sacrificed in a needless conflict that did, and still does, have other options.

   The columns for last week and this week had already been written for the Web, due to the fact that yours truly was getting ready to travel, and was to be away during this period. After Tuesday, September 11, we rewrote the Web to accommodate recent events. These two articles were War is Good Business, and Lunar Madness. We were writing about war and its destruction before President Bush made it official, and before the Twin Towers went down. Check it out for yourself.

   Hang onto your crown chakras. Here we go.


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