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Athena's Web Weekly Column

  Week of September 21st - September 27th,  2001

Lightning and Revolution

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   In a flash of uncertainty, lightning strikes from out the blue in the center of Manhattan. Welcome to the realm of prophecy born of the skies.

The US Flag

   At 8:46 AM, on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the arm of the gods reached out and set a new revolution in gear. In four short hours, the future of this country took a hard and dramatic turn, with its innocence stripped away for an entire generation. The heart of New York violated by a terrorist act. Within the week, as declared by the President of the United States, this country would be at war.

USAEagle and Athena Owl

   We've been examining the future of this land in the WEB for the last few months, deciphering what it means to have Uranus getting ready to trigger the US Moon in Aquarius. Through these columns, the repeating themes have become familiar refrains. We're ready to identify the Water Bearer's streams from the undergrowth ahead. This time, however, instead of examining these patterns from the framework of the past, we have a new stage from which to watch the stars in action. Can Athena make sense of the labyrinth? Of course she can. Welcome to the present: doorway to the future.

   Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at several different perspectives.
World Trade Towers

World Trade Towers

What does the moment of the attack say about where this conflict will head, and what does the national map of the USA forecast about the upcoming storm? How does all of this relate to what we have already been studying?

   As many dedicated WEBHeads already know, these major, planetary alignments 'build' into the dates indicated, with the peak usually occurring within 48 hours of the alignment, and more often on the day of the exact alignment.

   Aquarius is the sign of lightning and revolution. We have just witnessed what this means for contemporary society. In technical terms, the US progressed Sun will conjunct the US natal Moon in Aquarius on October 26th. Pay attention now. We're still building into the peak of this alignment.

   In mythological terms, this would have been remembered as a bolt from above; a sudden, radical action authored by some drama unfolding among the gods of Olympus. Astrologically, a few things are clear.
Flight 175

Flight 175

This nation is about to be whipped into a patriotic frenzy through death and destruction. We saw it happen through the previous pass during WWI, and we will see it again. Each time, trade has been the essential ingredient. War was good for business then, and some are in the hopes that it will stimulate the economy now. Others want to see the superstructure of the international trading industry brought down. The World Trade Center is the very symbol of trade and our commercial markets. We have been studying how this 3rd house placement manifested as trade issues under Andy Jackson, in the purchase of the Cherokee nation,


and the sowing of the seeds that eventually sprouted as the Civil War. Under Woodrow Wilson, this wave crested as we poured US troops into battle and brought the war to a grisly close.

   The celestial chain of events have now begun. We have entered a portal of time and space into a new dimension from which we can never return.

   The labor pains of the New Age have broken water. We are in the countdown. The curtain on the final act just went up.


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