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  Week of September 14th - September 20th,  2001

US Trade Policies

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   Over the last few weeks, we have been examining how history has been influenced by the same celestial transit we will experience again next year.
The US Flag

In effect, we are looking back to the future. The US Moon (where the Moon was located in the US chart at the time of our birth on July 4th, 1776) in Aquarius is in the 3rd house. Generically, the 3rd house is the home of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. The mythological characters of the gods are the observed astrological personalities of the planets. In the ancient world, Mercury was the Lord of the Merchant. Note the etymological similarity between these two words: Mercury and Merchant. The 3rd house relates to trade and exchange. With the Moon in the 3rd, we would look to our food (wheat, grain and pork bellies) as commodities of exchange, but there is also a strong nationalistic orientation. With the Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd, we would also want to exchange our scientific information, technology, and American know-how to our best advantage.
USAEagle and Athena Owl

All of this is well and good, except that it therefore means that our trading partners must take a back seat to our economic concerns, which run contrary to the notion of universal service as represented by Aquarius. In astrological terms, the planet (Moon) is always stronger than the sign (Aquarius), and our national trade policies (Moon) take precedence over our espoused humanitarian concerns for the future (Aquarius).

   Under Pres. Jackson, the passage of Uranus through Aquarius and its vision of individual freedom manifested as states' rights. In 1828, as Uranus first entered Aquarius, a Tariff Bill was passed. It was known as the Tariff of Abominations in the South. Feeling they had to shoulder an unfair portion of the taxes, a South Carolina convention passed an ordinance declaring null and void both the 1828 and 1832 federal tariffs.
Pres Jackson

Pres Jackson

The ordinance further declared the state would secede if the federal government used force. Jackson reacted strongly with a proclamation asserting the supremacy of federal law and declaring nullification an act of rebellion (Aquarius). The seeds of discord which later led to the Civil War were being sown.

   In addition, in 1835 under the Treaty of New Echota, the Cherokee Nation was purchased in order to open up real estate opportunities for a young and growing nation, but in return for the deaths of thousands of the Native Americans who lost their lives while traversing the Trail of Tears.

Pres Wilson

Pres Wilson

   During the next passage of Uranus through Aquarius under Pres. Wilson, it was also trade that finally pulled us into WWI. At the beginning of the war, almost everyone in this country wanted to remain neutral. While some favored the Allies and some the Central Powers, the overwhelming sentiment was to remain out the conflict 'over there.' Although Wilson supported the Allies for practical and idealistic reasons, he wanted to keep the US out of the war, but did not object to the use of force to help bring about peace. Once again, his Aquarian sentiment rose to the fore.

   Next week we will look in greater detail at the economic concerns which pulled us into WWI so we can better understand the social parallels which are at work leading to next year, when Uranus will for a third time conjunct the US Moon in Aquarius.


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