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  Week of August 31st - September 6th,  2001

Aquarius in America

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   Over the last few weeks, we've been examining two passes of Uranus in Aquarius through US history.
The US Flag

Now we're going to take our analysis a step further. We have seen these Aquarian trends unfold in each period, under Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson. In the US chart, it is our Moon in Aquarius that gives us a decidedly Aquarian flavor. When this nation was born on July 4th, 1776, the Moon was in Aquarius. We are the land (Moon) of the free (Aquarius). We are a national family (Moon) of different ethnic backgrounds (Aquarius). We are an independent minded people interested in science, technology and the stars. The 3rd house is devoted to communication, transportation, neighbors, and trade.
USAEagle and Athena Owl

Our Aquarian themes are woven into these arenas. Because the Moon is in Aquarius, many of our inventions (Aquarius) have focused on agricultural needs (Moon). With Aquarius on the 3rd, we have long believed in free (Aquarius) trade (3rd), a notion which has appealed many presidents. For both terms of office under Jackson and Wilson, trade and relations with our neighbors were to have powerful long-term consequences.

   The Moon in Aquarius is decidedly a weird duck. Aquarius energy is both cool and reserved, objective and scientific. Aquarius deals with the social collective. But the Moon represents women and the family, the home or tribe. These are not the impersonal connections of friends and strangers, but the emotional bonds of blood relations, up close and personal. These two celestially different themes must be reconciled. How have they manifested in history?

Cherokee Trail of Tears

Cherokee Trail of Tears

   With the Moon in Aquarius, we have the people (Aquarius) in the family (Moon). Aquarius's universal scope is limited by the clannish connections of the Moon. Because the Moon and Aquarius are essentially different, one collected and cool, and the other emotional and sensitive, they make for an interesting mix. The Moon in Aquarius is for the people, as long as they're people from my family, tribe, or background.

   This Aquarius Moon is in the 3rd house, the position of neighbors. Unfortunately, there's been a tendency to know (Aquarius) what's good for our neighbors (3rd). The keywords of Aquarius are "I know." Under the Jackson administration, the government was bent on a policy of Indian removal to lands west of the Mississippi. In a rapidly growing nation, the Indians were our neighbors on the frontiers. The Aquarian themes of universal brotherhood extended to European immigrants, and particularly to white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Native Americans were not part of the family package.

   Considering this know-it-all attitude regarding our neighbors, let's look at the policies of this time. The government signed a treaty with the Seminoles in Florida in 1832, fought a war with the Sauk and Winnebago Indians in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin, and finally, at the Treaty of New Echota, signed an agreement with the Cherokee Indians of Georgia in 1835, moving them out in 1838 (while Neptune was in Aquarius) on the Trail of Tears. In this Treaty, the government agreed to provide free (Aquarius) transportation (3rd) to the Indian Territory. This meant that they got to walk to Oklahoma while under guard. (to be con't)


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