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  Week of August 17th - August 23rd,  2001

The Right to Be Free

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   One of the most prominent Aquarian themes is freedom.
The US Flag

This spirit of humanity reaches out to people in an attempt to elevate the lot of the individual. These individual liberties rise to the forefront of social consciousness. One of this country's greatest historical crusades was the fight for the abolition of slavery. It was fueled by this cosmic current. From 1828 until 1836, Uranus transited through the sign Aquarius, celestially 'juicing' our experiment in democracy to a new level. During this period, we should see many new trends which illuminated the inner light of Aquarius on the national stage.

USAEagle and Athena Owl

   In 1833, the movement gained strength when the American Anti-Slavery Society was formed in Philadelphia. It was the first national abolitionist organization. They saw slavery as a moral evil. In 1835 the Society began a propaganda campaign which flooded slave states with abolitionist literature. Theodore Dwight Weld selected and trained agents, who became known as 'The Seventy.' They would later spread abolitionist gospel throughout rural areas of the North and border states. This strategy would win thousands of converts and a groundswell of public opinion against slavery. Here, Aquarius is disseminating the information to the people who need to know. This same theme is paralleled by the many colleges and universities which were founded during this period.

   The stage was one platform which reflected the public's mood. The Gladiator was an immensely popular play in NYC, which represented a high-water mark in romantic tragedy. Reflecting the feelings of the oppression in the south, abolitionist views illuminated a hatred of tyranny throughout.

Slave Rebellion

The Nat Turner Rebellion

   "Death to the Roman fiends," cries
Spartacus, "that make their mirth
Out of the groans of bleeding misery!
Ho, slaves, arise! It is your hour to kill!
Kill and spare not- for wrath and liberty!
Freedom for bondmen- freedom and revenge!"
(Shouts and trumpets. The guards and
gladiators rush and engage in
combat, as the curtain falls.)

   Following this swing of Uranus through Aquarius from 1828 to 1836, Neptune also passed through this sign from 1834 to 1848 for an extended stimulus to this futuristic vibration. Neptune continued to work these same themes of humanity, science, and education long after Uranus had moved out, but at more of a grass roots level. Historians have noted from about 1825 to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, there was an atmosphere of reform in the US. Most noticeable was the antislavery movement, but many dedicated people worked for women's rights, prison reform, educational reform, religious liberalism, social welfare, and other causes. The Web has already examined Neptune's pass through Aquarius in some detail. One group carried the illustrious and self descriptive title of the "Society to Improve the Condition of the Sailors."

   With the US natal Moon in Aquarius, people coming to America felt as though they had the opportunity to start over, to change their lot in life. They felt as though they could break free (Aquarius) from the bonds of the past (Moon). Indeed they could, and did.


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