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  Week of July 27th - August 2nd,  2001

Aquarian Moon

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   The nature of Aquarius is change. Themes that are often associated with it are freedom and revolution, lightning and the unexpected, unorthodox and unprecedented. Aquarius rules electricity, and this is a good way to understand the 'personality' of this sign of the zodiac.
The US Flag

Electricity is brilliant and amazing when it functions as designed, running computers, trains, and even cities; but it is an intermittent energy which shuts down completely when it fails. Now you see it, now you don't.


The war was exciting!

   Next year, throughout 2002, the US Moon in Aquarius will be conjuncted by Uranus and we will get to see a contemporary interpretation of celestial will in action. Uranus stirs up the mood (Moon) of the people (Aquarius), producing altruistic motives, excitement and a shift toward alternatives. Because the Moon inconjuncts Mercury, this alignment sets off a series of conflicts where the national mood disagrees with the national mentality as represented by the educated. When Uranus triggered this aspect in 1918, for many, it was the most exciting time of their lives. The war accelerated the social fabric of the nation in new ways, opening women to jobs as telephone operators, clerks and factory workers as men went to war. For the first time in history, industry began to hire blacks in large numbers. Because many blacks moved north to fill industry positions, Mexicans came across the border to work on the farms left behind in the South.

   Because the Moon in Aquarius is inconjuncted by Mercury in Cancer, national sentiment argues with international principle.
Woodrow Wilson

A vote for
Peace with Honor!

An Aquarian Moon represents the diversity of the people of this land. When war broke out, many, including President Wilson, sought to remain neutral. There were those in this country who favored the Central Powers. Indeed, while Uranus transited through the earlier degrees of Aquarius, Wilson had campaigned for reelection on keeping the US out of the European conflict. Among those opposed to entering the war on the side of the Allies were the 8 million Americans of German and Austrian descent, who saw the Kaiser and his government as a progressive parliamentary democracy. The anti-British sentiment of Irish-Americans led them not so much to favor Germany as to oppose England. A number of Swedish-Americans distrusted Russia so vehemently that they had a hard time supporting the Allies. Many American scholars, physicians and intellectuals had spent years studying in Germany. To the educated, Germany meant great universities and cathedrals, music and culture.
Women Shipyard Workers

Women Shipyard Workers

It also represented social planning, health insurance, unemployment compensation, and many of the same programs for which the progressives had been fighting. These are all different ethnic layers of the 'people', as represented by the Moon in Aquarius; but as Uranus conjuncted this luminary, these collective sentiments were put aside for a 'national' unity which frowned on immigration and foreign culture.

   Wilson sympathized with the Allies for practical and idealistic reasons. He hoped the war would show the futility of imperialism and usher in a world of free trade (Aquarius in the 3rd) in products and ideas. The United States, Wilson believed, had a special role to play in this new world and in leading it toward an orderly international society.


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