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  Week of July 20th - July 26th,  2001

Altruistic Aquarius

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   Next year, we'll have the opportunity to look a little deeper into the soul of this great nation. We are a collection of diverse peoples pulling together in a common cause. Ours is the original experiment in democracy in modern times. This is the land of the free, established by a Declaration of Independence. All of these ideals are the result of having our national Moon in Aquarius. In 2002, Uranus will conjunct this Aquarian Moon, and the soul of the people will be illuminated, agitating for what they believe. Under this alignment, there is usually some stellar personality who becomes a lightning rod for the changing political climate.

The US Flag

   The US Moon is located at the end of Aquarius, close to the 27th degree. This means that by the time Uranus aligns with the Moon, it's already done most of the work it's going to do while in that sign. The early degrees of any sign, say zero, one, two or three, are energized and enthusiastic. They show drive and initiative, regardless of whether their choices are correct. The end degrees are older and wiser. They're not as quick to jump, in part because experience has seasoned them, and in part because they don't have as much spunk anymore. The end degrees are 27, 28 and 29. As a national trend, this can represent times when issues are winding down.

   Uranus conjuncted the US Moon twice before in our history, in 1918 and in 1835. What happened under the celestial influences of those times?

Moon conjunct Athena in Aquarius

Moon conjunct Athena in Aquarius

   As America entered the war in 1917, she was at the end of a period of humanitarian idealism. Trends toward the progressive era were accelerated by the conflict. Not only did the war promote woman suffrage, prohibition, and public housing, but it also helped to tear down the walls between various groups, helping to create an administrative bureaucracy which blurred the lines between public and private, business and government. This trend would continue throughout the 20th century, as we drew closer to the vibration of the Aquarian Age.

   Before the war, there were many intelligent people on both sides of the Atlantic who believed that education, science, social reform and negotiation had replaced all-out war as a way of solving international disputes. But there's a problem with the US Moon. It forms a hard aspect to our national Mercury. This means that what we think or say (Mercury) does not always jive with what we feel (Moon). The popular, public proclamations (Moon again) of the times did not turn out as envisioned.

Moon conjunct Athena in the 3rd house

Moon in the 3rd house

   In 1918, Woodrow Wilson was the man of the hour. He spoke of a "War to end all wars" and a war "to make the world safe for democracy." His optimism, moralism and missionary zeal were sparked by the cosmic current of Aquarius. It ran through the people in a common cause, uniting them to transmute the war into a great crusade.

   "Many Americans, although initially reluctant, set out to defeat Germany with the same kind of commitment and enthusiasm they had once applied to promoting anti-child labor legislation and cleaning up the slums." The American People, p. 748.

   These humanitarian themes are the essences of Aquarius at work, but it took an unexpected turn as we found ourselves plunged into war instead of peace, and were totally misguided as to what the future outcome would be.


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