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  Week of July 13th - July 19th,  2001


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   We've been examining the chart of the US. Last year we anticipated Pluto building into an exact inconjunct to the US Sun on June 27th, an aspect which was reactivated by the Full Moon on July 4th and 5th. In story after story in the news on those latter dates, the dark secrets of sex, death and espionage came to light on the international stage. We'll begin with our old Cold War foe, the Soviet Union.

The US Flag

   In Alexandria, Va, Robert P. Hanssen, once one of the FBI's top counterintelligence operatives, pleaded guilty to 15 counts of espionage under a plea agreement that spared him the death penalty.

   "This case could hardly have been more troubling," said Randy I. Bellows, the assistant US attorney who led the Hanssen prosecution." It "...marks one of the gravest instances of espionage against the United States in its history, (my underline) prosecutors said." Boston Globe, 7/7/01, p. 1.

Robert Hanssen

Robert Hanssen

   In return for the plea bargain, Hanssen will give a full accounting of his activities as a mole for the former Soviet Union and Russia for more than 20 years. In this way, the US will find out precisely what information has been compromised.

   In China, the Globe reported on the 6th:

   "Espionage trials begin in China..."

   "Washington- Trials have begun in China for an American citizen and a permanent US resident on charges they spied for Taiwan, the State Department said yesterday" (July 5th).

   The husband of the permanent US resident, Gao Zhan, was concerned about statements from the Chinese government that Gao had confessed to spying. He's worried that any confession, if one exists, was obtained through torture.


Returned Spy Plane

   Also on July 5th, a US spy plane that was at the center of a diplomatic standoff between the United States and China arrived at a Georgia air base.

   "It would be naive for any of us to think the Chinese did not gain information that we would not like them to have as a result of their improper detention of that aircraft," said Representative Bob Barr, a Georgia Republican who was in Marietta to see the plane return." Boston Globe, 7/6/01, p. A3.

   Following the return, China sent the United States a $1 million bill for expenses it says it incurred while holding the $80 million spy plane.

   And in another incident related to our celestial alignment, the rape of a woman in her 20s by a US serviceman on Okinawa severely strained relations between Japan and the US.

PM Koizumi

PM Koisumi

   "Tokyo - The United States yesterday turned over to Japanese police an Air Force sergeant accused of rape, bringing to a close five days of diplomatic wrangling that threatened to fray the US-Japan strategic alliance." BG- 7/7/01, p. A1.

   "Hey, we're 19-year-old guys, we're away from home, we're pumped up and we're horny," says a young Marine from California. "Of course it's all about sex." TIME- 7/9/01, p. 34.

Protests in Okinawa

Protests in Okinawa

   Okinawa has long been a source of irritation for Japan, still smarting from the loss of their fishing trawler by a US submarine last February and the rape of a 12 year old there in 1995. The Japanese have long protested against the continued presence of the US military on the island of Okinawa. Nearly two-thgirds of the 47,000 US military personnel in Japan, including the largest contingent of Marines outside the US, are stationed in Okinawa. The Hanssen case is the cornerstone of this alignment, while the other stories of espionage and drop in the DOW of 227 points on the 6th all form part of the tapestry of this Plutonic weave.


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