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  Week of July 6th - July 12th,  2001

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   It's time once again to examine our country's fate for the upcoming calendar year. It's only appropriate we commence this undertaking on the nation's birthday, when the Sun returns to its birth position, a time when one's identity and ego come into focus as we honor the 'child' within.

The US Flag

   The United States of America was born on the 4th of July in Philadelphia, PA with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Although the actual time has not been historically recorded, astrological calculations suggests it was 4:47:22 PM, EST. This time was first rectified by Larry Ely of South Amherst, MA over twenty years ago. It has been the chart that the WEB has used in its many years of US predictions, and it's accuracy and dependability have repeatedly proven themselves.

   But let's take the time to examine the US natal chart itself, before we move on to the predictions. Born on the 4th of July, this country's Sun Sign is Cancer, the sign of the Crab. Additionally, our Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury are also in this sign. Because Cancer rules over home and land, this country is one big, extended family, with all of the emotional highs and lows which accompany it. A Venus Jupiter conjunction in Cancer provides a land of opportunity, where wishes come true. How often have we heard the immigrant's tale, where they yearn to move to and live in America, whether they come from Ireland, Russia, or Italy? Jupiter in Cancer is said to be in the position of its exaltation. Variations on this theme would be for to 'be fruitful and multiply' or for a happy family and home life. We, together with Canada and Argentina, two other Cancerian nations, supply the world with much of their grain and food resources. On the high side, we will go to great lengths to protect our own, in war or peace. On the down side, we tend to have rather isolationist views about the world scene, either not wanting to get involved, as after the bloody conflict in Europe after WWI, or simply by ignoring world opinion and fully embracing what is best for American workers, profits, and economic futures, as we are now doing in light of the Kyoto worldwide environmental agreements.

US Chart

Astrological Chart of the USA

   The US Moon in Aquarius represents the land (Moon) of the free (Aquarius). As a people, we are a broad background of ethnic diversity and traditions. There is a distinct taste for science and technology. We are a nation of backyard inventors and eclectic independents. State's rights and individual freedoms come largely from this lunar placement. Uranus in Gemini on the Descendant underscores this theme. Brilliant thinkers, gifted, but eccentric politicians, and a Declaration of Independence, which, with the stroke of a pen, severed legal ties with the Crown.

   With Mars in Gemini, our youth and spirit are curious and adaptable to changing circumstances. Physically versatile, we can respond to any challenge quickly. With Mars square Neptune in Virgo, we can also be a little too quick to battle a foe based upon unclear information. Military naval disasters, such as Fort Sumpter in the Civil War, the sinking of the Maine in the Spanish American War, the Lusitania in WWI, and our battleships at Pearl Harbor in WWII, are a repeating them between the God of War and Lord of the Oceans.


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