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  Week of June 29th - July 5th,  2001

Pluto's Political Power

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   Pluto's power runs deep. As Lord of the Underworld much of what transpires under his influence is hidden from view. This dark angel renews and restores, but only after clearing away what has already served its time. Pluto rules the scorpion, the symbol most often associated with Scorpio. This arachnid was among the first living creatures to emerge from out of the sea at the dawn of evolution. It is one of the Earth's most ancient living beings, having watched the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, continents, and Empires.

Sun Inconjunct Pluto

Apollo and Pluto

   As ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is said to have dominion over sex, death, and the occult. In different ways, each of these themes reunite us with our divine source. Obviously, orgasm is a physical experience that pulls us out of our body and catapults us into a state of transcendent bliss. Death severs the cord between the soul and the body and sets us free to soar with the angels, while the occult offers various avenues to experience what lies on the other side of the veil. In each of these instances, the emotional power which is locked up and released by this primordial archetype stimulates intense emotional reactions.

   Both Pluto and Scorpio deal with secrecy. For years, sexual allusions were edited from pubic... ah, public view. Death is usually a powerful and difficult experience for most folks. Until recently, the occult has been socially shunned. In different ways, each of these have been outlawed, with serious recriminations for the offender, and powerful social stigmas attached to any who dare cross the line.

Sun Inconjunct Pluto

The Sun and Pluto

   On June 27th, one of the aspects that we have been watching since last year will become exact, although it will be reignited on the 4th and 5th of July. On the 27th, Pluto inconjuncts the US Sun, and that is the date that we've been anticipating throughout the previous year. But this week the transiting Sun will also inconjunct transiting Pluto, reigniting the natal aspect with the power of the Full Moon, on the evening of the 4th and the morning of the 5th.

   There are many themes which could emerge from this alignment, but one of the most obvious is that some huge financial hit could take place, with a considerable loss of resources, revenue or power. Another possibility is that with the Sun, it could effect two of our three branches of government, either Congress or the President. This is the second of the three passes of Pluto to the Sun, and under the first one last December, there was very obvious rancor in Congress following the dubious win of George Bush over Al Gore. The election was on November 7th, and then the legal challenges to the Florida and national Supreme Courts all took time, but by December, the handwriting on the wall had become clear; Bush had won, leaving many in Congress and in the country very dissatisfied with the process. In that instance, the alignment involved both Congress and the President. Because the Sun rules the US 9th house, there could also be an international incident with the belligerents being particularly stubborn. Since the Sun is in the 8th house and Pluto rules the US 12th, old, hidden secrets from out of our closet could come to light.

   We can all sit back and watch how Athena will weave these powerful forces together over the coming week.


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