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  Week of June 22nd - June 28th,  2001

Probing the Pillars

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   We have an opportunity this week to help our dreams come true. The only hitch is that it will take some hard work.

Saturn Trine Neptune

Saturn Trine Neptune

   Early Monday morning, Saturn will trine Neptune. As we build into this alignment, it's an excellent time to make some hard decisions about what you would like to do for the future, as long as you understand that it will come at a cost.

   Currently, Saturn is at 8 degrees of Gemini and will trine Neptune at 8 degrees of Aquarius. This is a time to lay out plans, to talk to people, and to be willing to trust in that which you are guided to, but still unsure of. Even in a trine, Saturn makes you work, while Neptune is involved with the mists of dreams and visions. Under a smooth Neptunian trigger, it is easy to speculate, envision or picture what will happen. Saturn, however, slows this process down and does a reality check on it. Mists can be illusory if they are not caught and put into action right away. Neptune is light and etheric, while Saturn is heavy and solid. In a trine, these two energies are complementing each other, but it is important to understand how.



   If one had Saturn trinning Neptune in their natal chart, this would lend itself towards seriousness. These folks are sober and responsible about their obligations, and are not generally prone to daydreaming or ideals. However, they can be quite imaginative about how to stretch their resources.

   People with this alignment will build their dreams on a foundation stone of hard work, discipline, and industry. The only liberal mix about this aspect is how tenacious they are. Typical scenarios for this alignment would be of one willing to work through the summer to save money for school, or building a professional lifetime with retirement benefits in mind. These folks are capable of a good deal of self-sacrifice.

   More of us will experience this alignment as a transit, however, and the sobriety of this combination will influence us at this time. Neptune, even in a smooth aspect, can cause doubts. It is what we can't see or don't know, and therefore produces uncertainty. As Saturn trines Neptune, we will carefully examine the foundation stones of our life and spend time wondering about untried possibilities. Our imaginations will probe these pillars, envisioning mental tests of their strength and effectiveness. Doubt, uncertainty, and confusion have played their role in the past, but now is a time to prepare for these scenarios and deepen your understanding. Any discipline which attunes the spiritual would be helpful, from simple exercises to a new, deeper level of yoga or prayer. Even rest itself can benefit from this passage, for those who are really ready and willing to rearrange their sleeping habits by going to bed and getting up earlier. While Saturn trines Neptune, there can be a better synthesis between how these systems build us up and prepare us for the activities of the day.

   It is even possible that corporate or governmental systems may show a more humanitarian face during this time, raising the level of compassion and understanding.

   There is currently a creative balance between our dreams and practical, working life. Now is the time to fuse them into a better working reality.


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