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  Week of June 8th - June 14th,  2001

The Loss of Light

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   Over the last few weeks, we've been examining some of the hard aspects which are ongoing in the US national map. In the progressed chart, the Sun in the 7th house just inconjuncted Neptune in the 2nd.
George W Bush after the announcement

George W Bush after the announcement

This alignment can represent disappointment or loss. The Sun represents one's focus, what your consciousness centers on, or the 'power.' In a hard aspect to Neptune, it disappears, is lost, forgotten, ignored or otherwise vanishes, usually with a wave of anguish. For the country, this alignment has manifested in a number of ways. The President (ruled by the Sun) is not willing to come to the California's economic aid (2nd house) in the energy crisis. Although exact on May 19th, the issue has been building for some time. President Bush and Governor Davis just met and the President is not willing to introduce cost caps on what other states charge for energy, leaving California, the most energy efficient state in the nation, to work on longer term solutions to its dilemma. California has looked to the President for leadership, but the President has not been there for them.

   In another manifestation of this aspect, Congress is currently working out a deal to give taxpayers a sizeable portion of their taxes back, in an effort to stimulate the economy. This bill, the largest cut in two decades, includes what President Bush promised in his campaign, including a cut in income tax rates, and eliminating the federal estate tax. While his initiative is obviously popular with many in the electorate, some contend that the package would eat too much of the forecast $5.7 trillion federal budget surplus over the next decade. Services this money would have supplied to our children will be cut.

Senator Jeffords

Senator Jeffords

   Thus far, this is what has been projected by politicians. Astrologically speaking, the government is about to be hit by a series of unforeseen expenses, through general social and fiscal disintegration, natural disasters, and weather patterns throwing our growing season out of whack. People will look to the government for a safety net, only to find that a sizeable portion of it has been given away. In addition to representing the President and Congress, the Sun is what you are aware of. Some call it the 'daylight' mind. In a hard aspect to Neptune (the subconscious), there are things you don't see, know, or realize, and they're not working to your advantage. We are currently on the edge of more reserves needing to be in place because of politically unsuspected circumstances, just as the answer is being distributed to the multitudes.

   Finally, in another huge political shift triggered by this alignment, the Sun in the 7th also represents the balance of power (the scales again). In a manner unforeseen at the election, Senator James M. Jeffords switched his party affiliation from the GOP to independent, tipping control of the Senate back into the hands of the Democrats. This is obviously very disapppointing to the President (Sun) and will have long term consequences for both him and the party.

   The irritation of the post electorate climate following the fiasco in Florida permeated Congress last December as Pluto inconjuncted the US Sun. As we approach the second pass on June 27th, we might anticipate some of the same rancor in the capitol as Congress comes to grips with the post-Jeffords climate of controversy.


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