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  Week of June 1st - June 7th,  2001

There Once was a Man from Nantucket

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   This week we turn our attention to the soft, alluring light of the Moon and its call. As our eyes adjust to the growing twilight, shadows play in the night, only to fade from view into the darkness.

Nantucket from the air

Nantucket from the air

   In astrology, the Moon rules Cancer and the fourth house cusp. These are the planet and sign of home and family. Food, emotional security, and memories are accentuated, as are women, the body and public matters. It affects us on the physical and emotional levels, and is subject to considerable change throughout the day.

   When a planet makes an aspect to the Moon, these areas emerge, depending upon the quality of the aspects being made. For instance, Neptune opposing your Moon might mean an entire period of domestic transition; either losing a family member, having to make a move, or seeing a huge domestic change. Progressions and transits affect when we go through these periods, and are barometers of time.

Nantucket Coast and Lighthouse

The Nantucket Coast and Lighthouse

   Astro*Carto*Graphy is a branch of astrology that marks where these influences are likely to play out. If you were to move to one of your lunar lines, the above influences would be emphasized. Your lines are, in part, your local horizon. As you move from your birth location, the horizon changes. It is as if you were born at the same moment in time, but in the new location.

   Your in-the-field reporter is currently out doing research on these lunar lines. In Nantucket, my Lunar North Node conjuncts my fourth house cusp, the natural home of the sign Cancer. Both of these positions are ruled by the Moon, and since it is the North Node which falls here, social openings and good graces are emphasized. Here is what Harald Mayen had to say about it in AstroClick Travel,

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor

   "This is the place to retire. Your interest lies in personal and familiar things. You are surrounded by trusted people and enjoy the memories of the past. Occasionally, there may be the need for recognition, power and public involvement, but deep in your heart, you know that nothing surpasses the feeling of being secure."

   "In these regions, you'll discover the hidden layers of your soul. You become sentimental, appreciate comfort and discover the meaning of a domestically reclusive existence. Here, you find yourself and recognize that your striving and wanting was largely dictated to by social expectations. You do not pursue your own goals but other people's. You liberate yourself from duty and responsibility, become modest and reflect on simple pleasures."

   First of all, let me simply affirm the above. With the North Node in Pisces, I am by the ocean in a house that is not yet rented out, lent for my use by good friends. The water was turned off for the first few days, but the plumber showed up right after the New Moon. My friends Lisa and Michael feed me and take care of me, providing all of the basic domestic amenities, including family and emotional support. I just met Lisa's Mom, but have known her brothers, and of course children, for years. The food is primarily fruits and breads and leans towards diary. Lisa wants me to become a waiter in a five star restaurant here. With a 'domestically reclusive existence' my off-island friends wonder if I've fallen off the planet. If the North Node falls on the 4th house cusp, then the South Node must fall on the 10th, which is why Mayen says that it's a good place to retire. Professional asperations, and the tendency to 'liberate yourself from duty and responsibility' are also part of the mix. But in returning to the Cancerian/Lunar Node/fourth house themes, I've been swimming in the ocean, and am currently writing this column from the warmth of a claw footed tub. Meet my Moon.

   Now, what rhymes with ' who bathed in a tub built like a bucket...'?

Nantucket's Nautical Side

A Nantucket Whaling Ship, the Atlas


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