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  Week of May 25th - May 31st,  2001

The USA in 2001, Part III

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   Last week we examined the transiting predictions for the nation due to unfold in a series of aspects on December 19th, 2000, June 27th and October 16th, 2001. We are now approaching the second of these dates. In our pervious edition, we looked at some of the history of what transpired the last time this aspect occurred in 1786.

USA in 2001

   An inconjunct indicates a fundamental tension is at work. For the nation, it represented debts; both what people owed in taxes together with the government's failure to honor old Revolutionary pension schemes. Either way, it was the poor working class that most felt the sting of hypocrisy, many of them farmers. This angered the people.

   As the Sun inconjuncted Pluto in 1786, financial issues were being hammered out all across the nation. In 1785, a new coinage system was being proposed by Thomas Jefferson, who envisioned a gold piece worth ten dollars, a silver dollar, a tenth of a silver dollar, and a hundreth in copper. On August 8th, 1786, this coinage scheme was enacted, laying a new foundation of dependibility.

   But tensions over debts continued to mount. Building into this alignment, the first recorded strike in the nation occurred in Philadelphia, PA in 1785. In South Carolina in the same year sheriffs were "threatened in the execution of their duty" as they attempted to foreclose several properties. In June, 1786, folks in Maryland closed down a courthouse, busy in the legal details of taking property from poor farmers. After appealing to the legislature, 50 towns in Massachusetts condemned the state senate, court fees and tax system. It was here that the most revolutionary cries were heard. In August, armed men in Northampton prevented the Court house from meeting. In January of the following year, Daniel Shays led a revolt on the Springfield Armory. Shay's Rebellion stirred considerable fear throughout the nation, and the state legislature finally conceded a few points. Ultimately, Pluto deals with personal pressures, taxes, control, and fear of loss. Its nature is reactive and obsessive.

Then and Now: The USA in '76

The USA in 1776,
and Aspects on June 27th, 2001

   The death and rebirth themes of Pluto helped trim deadwood from the Articles of Confederation, improving its basic tenets. The country's coinage was being newly minted, passed by Congressional legislation. Various veterans strikes around the country eventually fell on sympathetic ears, but not until after taxes and legislation had driven many out of their hard earned homes. America had to face its fears regarding a centralized authority; no longer in London, but now in Washington, DC.

   As we saw last week, Pluto inconjuncting the Sun can represent the fear of a control of centralized authority versus the personal freedom of individual and/or states' rights. In 1786, this control fell to government, as our Constitution was born on the funeral pyre of the Articles of Confederation. Congress took what didn't work, and improved on it. Now the nation is looking at governmental control over price caps on the energy shortage in California (versus letting the free market bear the burden), and the tax refund. Women's right to choose is in danger before the Supreme Court. As we approach the end of June, both the power and fears regarding these and other issues will be flushed to the forefront of media consciousness. We'll see it in the news.

   For additonal information on the Pluto Inconjunct to the Sun in 1786, please see the following:

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