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  Week of May 18th - May 24th,  2001

The USA in 2001, Part II

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   Last week we examined the progressed predictions for the nation due to unfold on May 18th, 2001. But there was also a transiting alignment which would jar the nation this year, taking place as Pluto inconjuncts the US Sun on December 19th, 2000, June 27th and October 16th, 2001. We are approaching the second of these three dates. Let's refresh our memories as to what we might expect.

USA in 2001

   Pluto first inconjuncted the US Sun in 1786. It was a period during which we were rewriting the Articles of Confederation, which we had just fought so hard to obtain through the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, the system wasn't working. The problem was how to raise money.

   To win the war, the 13 colonies had stood together, fighting as one against a powerful adversary. At the end of the war, the threat was removed, and economic difficulties set in. As colonies, we had been under the protective shield of the British Navy. We were part of her trade routes in England, Ireland, and the Caribbean. As a young, newly independent nation after the war we were ostracized from EnglandŐs protection, and her ports.

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

   In the young nation, hard realities were becoming apparent. During the war, France had lent the US considerable amounts of men, material, and loans. Our country was obliged to repay the loans, but Congress had no power to do so, being at the mercy of the individual states. Each state had wartime saddeled with debts of its own, leaving little for distant entreaties in Washington. Congress found itself with no money, and no way to raise it. In 1784, Robert Morris resigned as superintendent of finance in frustration, while in 1785, we defaulted on our debt to France. Only John Adams diplomatic skill was able to preserve national credit with Dutch bankers. Something had to be done.

   LetŐs look at the astrological symbolism. Pluto inconjuncting the US Sun. The Sun rules Leo, personified as the King. This nation had just fought a war against a centralized monarchy which had superimposed oppressive taxes on the colonies. Why give that same power to a centralized authority in Washington, stripping States of their independence and mercantile freedom?

James Madison

James Madison

   In spite of the apprehension, the external threat from an old adversary proved overwhelming; fear of a British economic takeover. It was invective enough for Congress to vote in 1786 for a conventional gathering which would draw up a new governmental outline, one based on correcting the flaws found in the Articles of Confederation. Fearful though the course was, the States together ratified the Constitution, giving Congress the sole power over national trade issues, and the authority to tax, thereby gathering monies to exercise the will of the government.

   Next week, we will continue to explore the themes of the historical correlations to this alignment, which is already being felt on the national scene. Where is it that the government is seeking to redefine our economic freedoms currently? Where are governmental securities vying with social and individual rights? As with any Pluto alignment, the power, and passion of how people feel about their respective issues can force changes which not everyone will be happy with (to be con't).

   For additonal information on the Pluto Inconjunct to the Sun in 1786, please see the following:

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