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  Week of May 11th - May 17th,  2001

Review for the USA in 2001

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   The following excerpts appear from Astro Annual's Horoscope Guide, and were written in July, 2000 by yours truly. The magazine appeared on the stands in November. It talks about events that are only now coming to culmination. The following are familiar themes to regular readers of the WEB, as we show how these powerful alignments build and then culminate as the aspect becomes exact. This copy was written almost a full year ago. How much of it now sounds familiar?

USA in 2001

   "On May 18th, 2001, the progressed US Sun will inconjunct Neptune... Alignments of this magnitude produce both a trend leading into the date indicated, together with a crest of activity, or single event, which builds into the exact date. Neptune is a planet that deals with the sea of humanity. It can represent a wave of emotion. Under major alignments, it can also be a tsunami of anguish..."

   "The judiciary will be rewriting laws which adversely affect the fiscal standing of the average citizen. A non-sympathetic legal system is caught up with the letter of the law rather than its collective, protective spirit."

   "Basic commodities and service needs, such as fuel, power, clothing and food prices will escalate dramatically. We are already seeing gas prices being pushed up. A series of events will evolve to facilitate these circumstances, including adverse weather patterns which contribute to elevated prices. In general, Mother Nature will not be kind to either farmer or produce."

   "Speculative endeavors, such as the stock market, will be adversely affected. Faith in high tech stocks will begin to fall. Utility companies will appeal to the courts for rates increases, which will be granted. There will be increased power outages across the land."

   "Negotiations involving pacification and conciliation will not bear the hoped for outcomes next year. History will not look back favorably on the decisions made at this time."

   "There will also be opportunities to forge ahead in emerging financial markets as old ones collapse. While traditional investments of capital disappear, others open in their wake, although this will take a few years to fully actualize. When the Caribbean closed after the Revolutionary War, Thomas Jefferson used his diplomatic skills to open French ports of call to the newly nationalized merchant navy, developing a new avenue for our raw materials. New England had always heavily depended on trade and shipping. Individual products, such as Nantucket whale oil, were seriously impacted. In the economic adversity which set in after the war, many islanders were forced to move to British controlled Nova Scotia to maintain their livelihood, thereby reopening their old ports of call. They were now citizens swearing allegiance to the crown. Because of JeffersonÕs efforts for those who remained, a new marketing wind began to fill Nantucket sails, enticing those who had already sailed north."

   "While a single event which occurs within 24 hours of May 18th, 2001 embodies the sadness and suffering commanded by Neptune, many of the collective themes building into March and April of 2001 will also illustrate our loss."

   We only have to sit back and see what happens.


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