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  Week of April 13th - April 19th,  2001

Gabriel's Trumpet

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   We currently stand in the final decade of the Old Age. It is time to send out the call to all those who would do their part in the most important chapter of the preceeding two thousand years. In the Bible, this is the time known as 'the return of the Master'.

Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel

   In the world around us, we are watching as many of the themes of the Age of Pisces draw to a conclusion. One of the most basic of these themes is the duality inherent in the sign of the fish. It will no longer be a time of segregation and division. Pisces represents one of three mutable bicorporal (two-bodied) energies. The others are Sagittarius (part man and part horse), and Gemini (the obvious sign of duality represented by the twins). Pisces is a sign symbolized by two fish, characterized as swimming in different directions. Even Virgo, the final mutable sign, seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff. This has been an age which polarizes different groups of people, whether into Christian and pagan, Jewish and Muslim, or Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox. Basically we have been taught that we serve either God or the Devil. Later the schism evolved as Catholic and Protestant, East and West, Capitalist and Communist. The divisions go on and on, and extend themselves to rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, Labor and Conservative, black and white. This illusion of separateness has been used by corporate interests to encourage ethnic diversity, thereby helping to keep wages low and profits high throughout the Industrial Revolution. Is it any wonder that as a civilization we demonstrate the symptoms of bipolarity?

   As the call goes out to all those who might facilitate the dawn of the New Age, know that continuing to perpetuate this illusion does not serve the future. We are not to pick the 'good', as it only opens the door to the 'bad'. We must not hear the cry of the call to battle, as this only fuels the equal and opposite reaction. As the polarity of Pisces and Virgo shifts into that of Aquarius and Leo, we must simply attune to being, by embracing both ends of the spectrum as manifestations of the One. Night does not exist without day. Woman does not exist without man. Neither is right, and neither wrong; (n)or equally, the reverse. We must learn to embrace the balance within, by becoming centered, and learning to reflect that focus through action. This is the calling of the future.

  Although there will be many who do not want to hear the call, the time is close. Of those who do hear, there will be many who do not heed to call. But if the many do not harken to the essence of the One, civilization will come to feel the heel of the call, as Time is about to meet a rendezvous with Destiny.

   The pace is quickening as we move through this decade. Know that the connection derives from within. Your only responsibility is in what you do, and how you attune your focus. Because of the quickening, inner issues are being flushed to the surface and many are choosing to leave the planet. Internal eruptions, both personally and planetarily, are on the increase. It is time to let go of the familiar, and trust to the unknown as you have never had to trust before. What must be done to put your house in order? You decide. For those who have ears to hear, you need only listen. Many voices, the Earth's chief among them, are attempting to talk to us.


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