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  Week of April 6th - April 12th,  2001

Out of the Darkness

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   It was the return journey home after a wonderful week in Colorado. Having set out on a quest to run reconnaissance on my Moon on the Midheaven line, I was entirely satisfied with the result. In eight short days, I had been on Public Radio, had an article published in the local paper, and met the mayor. My professional standing (Midheaven) before the public (Moon) was unfolding even more quickly than I had hoped. There is no question that transiting Mars conjuncting my Midheaven had helped give the entire effort an invigorated push, but nevertheless, my mood was one of satisfaction.

   Now it was time to go home.

St Louis Arch

The St Louis Arch

   Monday was a relaxed day, closing the circle with a few new found friends, returning some borrowed items, and enjoying the scenery of the snowy Colorado landscape as I snapped pictures which could never capture its panoramic majesty. Monday night carried me to the other side Denver and a truck weighing station before pulling over, unwrapping a sleeping bag and snuggling down in the passenger seat for a few hours before being awakened at 6 the next morning by the attending police officer arriving for work. After a light breakfast, I-70 would lead me for another 730 miles before exhaustion compelled me to pull over and repeat the process around midnight on the other side of St. Louis. But it was as I cruised through that heartland city that it hit me like a bolt from the blue.

View from the City

View from the City

  The rhythm of the road can lull one into a trance like state, where white line fever combines with a mix of traffic noises to mesmerize into a mental mindset of monotony. With time, it all blends into one. Suddenly, from out of the non existent haze which blanketed the hard concrete structures rising all around, it emerged, almost as if from another dimension. It's huge arch reaching up above the windshield so that I had to lean forward to take it all in, its graceful form stretching toward the sky and then falling back to Earth once again.

Looking to the Sky

Looking to the Sky

   It was the St Louis arch.

   With an astrologer's eye I looked to the clock to note the time; 10:55 PM CST. For no reason that I could immediately grasp, this monument made an emotional impression which surprised and swept me. Why did I react so strongly to this architectural wonder which I had heard about, but never seen before? Breaking free of the concrete forms as I-70 turned to cross the Mississippi, I kept looking back over my shoulder at this truly impressive sight, reflected both in the lights of the city and in my mind. Then, as I crossed the river, there, directly in front of me appeared the waning gibbous Moon, rising on the eastern horizon, it's beautiful crescent magnified by the atmosphere's curvature. Flipping open the laptop on the passenger seat, I quickly hit 'Now' for the current time, and entered the letter code for St Louis. The current chart appeared on the phosphorescent screen in the darkness next to me. It was a personal Full Moon, my 21 degree Taurus Sun being opposed by this rising 22 degree Scorpio Moon. In an emotional flash which was more feeling than reason, this Colossus of Rhodes stood before the city and I knew with a certainty that which transcended explanation:

   Within twelve years it would be a memory, lost in the same floods which would sweep the city.


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