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  Week of December 15th - December 21st,  2000

Saturn and the Winter Solstice

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   This week, our focus turns to the power of winter and its lessons. On Thursday, December 21st, at 8:38 AM, the Sun will have reached its lowest latitude while climbing through the sky, marking the Solstice and the start of winter. For three days, it lingers at this position, until it slowly reverses its momentum and once again starts its annual trek to bring warmth and abundance back to those of us living here in the northern hemisphere.

   Saturn is the Time Lord. This is a cold, hard, exacting job which permits no error. Judgement is stern, just as winter offers little mercy. The world contracts, in the cold, in the darkness, and in the disciplines of survival. Saturn rules all these things, and its sign, Capricorn, eternally guards the gates of winter.


Saturn- As God and Planet

Because Saturn is Time, it was incorporated as agriculture developed. Observing the stars of heaven, and by watching their helical risings, farmers would know when to plant and harvest their crops. Although Saturn specifically rules Winter, as Time Lord he rules the marking of time throughout the year. As a result, for the Romans, Saturn was an ancient Roman god of fertility, especially for agriculture. His reign was thought to have been a golden age, during which agriculture was introduced to Italy. Saturn was identified by the Romans as the Greek god Cronus, was worshiped in the Winter Saturnalia, as well as giving his name to Saturday.

   This week, the lessons of Saturn, as interpreted through contemporary culture, will make themselves felt. On Friday the 15th, and Saturday the 16th, first Mars, and then the Sun, will inconjunct Saturn. Then, on Tuesday the 19th, Mercury will do the same. These three successive hard aspects to Saturn will trigger some of the more difficult of this planet's lessons. Depending on where the alignment falls in your chart will depend on just where it is manifesting in your life. If, in addition, you have any planets at either 25 Taurus or Sagittarius, you will be urged to proceed with extreme caution.

Saturn and Rings

Saturn and Rings

   In general, the cold will probably be more likely to chill right to the bone, especially as the Sun, our source of heat, is inhibited by Saturn on Saturday. As the inconjunct deals with accidents or difficult jobs, they are generally fairly easy to spot in retrospect. Now, all three of the planets which are triggering Saturn move fast enough to make them 'daily' energies, not lasting more than 24 to 36 hours each. Coming in quick succession like this, we tend to feel their accumulated effects a little more; rather like driving over a well potholed road. You may successfully navigate the first pothole, only to encounter an unavoidable follow up inconveniently situated. Naturally, the advice would be to slow down, and think about what precautions you need to take for what you're doing, and dress warmly.

   On the political front, electors will be pulling out what little hair they have left, mostly out of frustration over what they see as political ineptitude, whichever side of the fence you're on. This Tuesday, the 19th, will be when Pluto actually inconjuncts the US Sun, and the political tests of will, and the beginnings of its effects on our future (this alignment is triggered twice more through 2001), will become clearly evident. It's time for a constitutional amendment.


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