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  Week of October 20th - October 26th,  2000

The Gates of Aden

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   Reactions bubbled to a boil last Friday as the Full Moon flushed events in the Middle East. The Moon in a chart is our emotional reaction. It's feelings, and feelings ebb and flow. We can feel good or we can feel really lousy. Under the Full Moon, feelings are amplified, for better or worse. Whatever planetary alignments occur under the Full Moon are also amplified. Friday the 13th turned out to be just one of this precise set of celestial conditions.

   Outer planetary alignments are more powerful than inner planetary alignments. Outer planets are those celestial bodies farther from the Sun, at the other end of our solar system. They don't 'fall' as fast, because the gravitational attraction is less. In the chart, this means that they move at a slower rate of speed. Aspects between Saturn and Uranus to Neptune or Pluto occur far less often than aspects between the Sun and Moon, Mercury, or Venus.

   The Full Moon on Friday, the 13th of October occurred at 4:53 AM EDT. Just a few minutes prior to this opposition, Jupiter opposed Pluto at 4:44 AM. Jupiter is our philosophical attitude. It's a person's religion or spiritual beliefs. As Jupiter opposes Pluto, people are more deeply committed to their religious principles. They would be more willing to die (Lord of the Underworld) for their beliefs. As Jupiter opposes Pluto on the Full Moon, a lot of people will be willing to die for their spiritual beliefs.

   Later that same day at 9:18 PM, Mars inconjuncted Uranus. In this writer's opinion, this is the single most volatile aspect in the heavens. Mars can be impulsive, aggressive, and belligerent. He is, after all, the God of War. Uranus is information and the New Age, but under a hard aspect it is intermittent and erratic, like a frayed electrical wire. Put them together and you get an explosive combination. This is the accident aspect par excellence. Unstable, aggressive, disruptive elements in an abrasive environment.

USS Cole in Yemen

USS Cole in Yemen

   On Thursday, October 12th, as the power of the Full Moon was still building, a US warship was attacked in a suicide run by terrorists from an unknown organization. The USS Cole was punctured by explosives from a small boat piloted by two men, part of the contractor's crew refueling the craft in Aden, Yemen.

   First came news of the 5:15 AM ship explosion, with later reports pouring in from the West Bank town of Ramallah. Palestinian mobs killed at least two Israeli soldiers, which in turn triggered Israel's violent response of firing missiles at buildings surrounding the headquarters of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in Ramallah and Gaza City. The headlines for Friday's Boston Globe declared 'Middle East Shock Waves'.

   These shock waves are only the beginning, although admittedly set off by this month's Full Moon. Transiting Pluto is getting ready to inconjunct the US Sun on December 19th, and the US image is about to take a big hit in foreign affairs. This will affect the world market, which in turn will spiral out to the prices of basic commodities, and the election. Our image as world leader will be greatly diminished, as emotional elements hammer at some of our basic securities. In this country, public reaction will crest in the first days of December.


Legends of the Moon


The Constellation Orion

   Artemis sat on a throne of pure silver covered in a wolfskin and shaped like a new moon. She hated the idea of marriage, although she delighted in caring for mothers of new born babies. She loved hunting and fishing, and simming in moonlit ponds. Should a mortal see her naked, she would chnage him into a stag and hunt him to death.

   Despite her virginal ways, though, at one time Artemis fell in love with Orion, the most handsome of men and cleverest of hunters. Apollo, her brother, was jealous and sent an enormous scorpion to attack Orion, who, although he fought valiantly, was no match for the scorpion, and escaped into the sea.

   At that moment Artemis arrived, and Apollo persuaded her that the distant figure was a man who had insulted one of her priestesses. So Artemis took aim with her bow and arrow, and shot the figure dead.

   Realizing her dreadful mistake, that she had killed the man she loved, she turned Orion into a constellation eternally pursued by a scorpion...

   Many Moons by Diana Brueton, p. 61


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