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  Week of August 11th-August 17th,  2000

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   Chiron has been running through the heavens with Pluto this year, forming a conjunction and flushing many painful issues in our lives. Death and learning to let go has been one of the many ways in which this theme has come to light.

Centaur and Lapith

Centaur and Lapith

   More people are familiar with Pluto. He is the Lord of the Underworld, of death and dying. He deals with deep emotional issues. Finance, sexual transgression, and control are themes that are wrestled with under his influence. Normally, these issues are so strong, raw, and deep that they tend to remain hidden from outside view. People whom we have lost or incidents where we may have been sexually or financially violated, are often secreted away so that we don't have to think about them or admit to others the guilt and shame that accompany them. We would prefer to bury these issues so that they can never come back to haunt us. Because of their power, however, even the black holes of space are not deep enough to keep them from eating away at us in the stillness of silence.

   Chiron lies between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus and is said to be an incredibly wise individual who taught many of the more sophisticated arts to many of the heroes of antiquity. Jason (of the Argonauts), Asclepius (the father of modern medicine), Actaeon (who came across Artemis bathing and was changed into a stag), and Achilles (of the Iliad), were said to be among his pupils.

   Chiron was known as the wounded healer because of the nature of his death. While examining one of the arrows Heracles had dipped in the gall of the Hydra, Chiron dropped it onto his own hoof and was in so much pain that he prayed to Zeus to release him from his immortality. Only in this manner could be released from the continuing torment.

   When Chiron is activated in a natal chart, by transit or progression, we are made to subjectively see the wisdom of a situation, but also to know its loss. With a Chiron Pluto aspect, we become aware of what is normally kept hidden by the veil of Pluto. Our secrets become known, what was invisible becomes visible. Chiron is the shaman of the planets, the one who is able to communicate with the spirits of the gods, and channel them. He can give us part of the larger picture, to help understand things on a more spiritual or larger than a single lifetime basis. Pluto is the guardian of the gates of birth and death. As the soul passes across the waters of the Underworld, they must drink from the river Lethe, which erases the memories of the previous lifetime.

   In Dec. 1999 and Jan. 2000, Chiron and Pluto conjuncted each other in the 11th degree of Sag. Chiron and Pluto have been retrograde since March, with Chiron closing the gap between the two and drawing closer to Pluto until this week. On Monday, August 14th, Chiron pivots and begins its direct motion, while Pluto does the same on the 20th. If these two have been triggering your chart, this week will represent a time when some positive communications about this old loss are possible. By talking to folks, you will be able to better cope with the roots of the issue, especially around the 14th.

   If you must wonder whether or not this alignment affects you, it doesn't. You'll already know if these dates are critical in your life by how you currently feel. This one is big.


Chiron, Centaur King...

   While Chiron was one of the wisest and most learned beings, his subjects, the other centaurs, were often barbaric and unrestrained in their habits. This wise king lived in a cave on Mount Pelion, where he trained many of the Greek heroes. Chrion was noted for his knowledge of medicine and sculptor. One of his students was Asclepius, the father of modern medicine. Some say that Apollo or Hermes rescued the unborn Asclepius and gave him to Chiron to rear. During this time the wise Centaur taught the boy the art of healing.

   Above is a depiction of the battle between the Centaurs and the Lapiths. The Lapiths were successful in dislodging the Centaurs from their home on Mount Pelion, where Chiron's cave had been, and forced them to relocate on Mount Malea in the Southern Peloponnesus. As Chiron pivots on Monday, August 14th with the Full Moon, we will be granted an opportunity to work through some of the deeper seated issues of loss and separation by communicating our feelings with those around us. Take this opportunity to work out what you must.


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