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The New Millennium

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   We now stand at the gates of a new epoch, and many are curious as to what the future will bring. While the WEB briefly examined the USA for 2000 last July and August, at that time we looked at some of the larger designs for the year. But what about now? Do the stars have anything to say about the period when December folds into January?


Neptune, watching over His Realm

   There are two celestial aspects which seem to stand out above the rest in power and magnitude. One of these will have transpired before our publication date, while the other is slated for the first of January, 2000.

   On December 29th, 1999, transiting Neptune will inconjunct the US natal Venus for the final time. Twice before, this alignment has occurred this year; on February 24th, and July 22nd. Neptune is the Lord of the wine dark seas. It rules the water sign Pisces. When Neptune either makes hard alignments, or is aspected by powerful triggers, it can produce a profound sense of loss in the individual or nation. Homer calls Poseidon, Neptune's Greek equivalent, the god who never smiles. While that may be a little extreme, it does embody the sensitivity and sadness that both Neptune and Pisces can represent. Because Neptune inconjuncts Venus, issues of love and what we care for are being affected. In both personal and national maps, these vibrations deal with relationships in which unfortunate circumstances or loss seems to predominate.

   On February 24th, after the Senate impeachment hearings were over, we learned before a national television audience that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted Juanita Broaddrick twenty one years earlier. While this issue did not immediately impact the fate of the presidency in the post Impeachment hearings environment, most Americans did appear to believe her story and were saddened, angry or frustrated by it.

   On July 22nd, in a visual image that more dramatically called upon our Neptunian archetype, we learned in the headlines that John F. Kennedy, Jr's body had returned "Home from the sea" the day before. In another wave of emotional anguish, the nation was once again confronted with another loss born of Camelot, as we had to collectively respond to the death of our late President's only son, and his namesake.


Neptune's Salute
Last rites for JFK, Jr.

   On the 29th, Neptune will once again form a hard aspect to the nation's Venus, and in all probability, we will have to collectively learn to let go once again. The metaphor of the ocean represents what is hidden in our subconscious, and under hard aspects, issues from out of our 'closet' are flushed back up onto the shore of our consciousness.

   In turning to the other pressing question of the hour, how dramatically will we be impacted on the 1st of January? Will Y2K promote serious problems, or has it simply caused us undue worry?

   At 5:43 AM, on the first day of the New Year, Uranus will trine the US Saturn, indicating professional matters on the corporate or governmental levels will turn out surprisingly well. Uranus rules new technology and computers. Many utilities, phone companies, and governmental agencies say they are ready, and the stars seem to back them up. While there may be a few localized outages, overall, most will wake up to a wonderful New Year.



Polyphemus, son of Poseidon,
loses his eye to Odysseus

Neptune's Call

   The voice of the gods can be heard whenever the planets are 'triggered'. In myth, Neptune was often associated with loss. He lost in his bid for Athens to Athena, lost in a bid to overthrow Zeus, and built the wall at Troy, destined to fall to the Greeks. He brought ten long years of suffering to Odysseus, a seafarer who longed for home. In this same work, Homer called him the god who never smiled.

Modern Thunder

   Over the years, the Web has observed this ancient Lord of the Sea. In July, as Neptune raised his barnacled trident, JFK Jr's body was returned from, and to, a watery grave. In the Jan. '86 News Story of the Year, Neptune again stirred US waters. The Challenger exploded, taking the bodies of seven now famous astronauts back into his subsurface realm.


One final note

   Our focus on the transition from 1999 to 2000 would be remiss if we did not at least mention one, additional aspect. On Thursday, December 30th, Chiron will conjunct Pluto at 11 Sag 22. Wounds will run deep. Old history is gonna come barreling to the surface like a frieght train. Get ready for loss, big time.

   Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 23rd-25th, there were all kinds of wounds opening in the people all around my wife and I. Several volleys of 'What is going on?' in quick sucession were not explained by the normal, daily transiting alignments. So, we dug a little deeper.


Chiron instructing Achilles
in the Art of War

   On Thursday evening, Chiron inconjuncted Saturn. As the King of the Centaurs, possessing great wisdom, this immortal was fated to eternal pain. While examinning one of the poisoned arrows Heracles carried, he dropped it, and the point pierced his own hoof. This arrow had been dipped in the blood of the Hydra, and the great centaur could not stand the emotional agony the wound caused him; yet he was immortal, and could not die.

   Because both Chiron and Saturn are outer planets, they do not move very fast. Hence, this alignment has been building for some time. Frustrations that have their roots around holidays, or that have cut particularly deeply, are reopened. Several were flooded with the injustices of past infidelities, while another had a couple of 'nervous breakdowns' during the day. The blood that ran from these wounds was dark due to its long term lack of circulation.

   On Thursday, December 30th, 1999, Chiron will conjunct Pluto. The issues will run deeper still, although they open to door to a new healing, in the willingness to let go. At its highest, we are being opened to letting go of parts of ourselves that have been deeply hidden for a long time. Any conjunction represents a new start. But they are also deeply personal. Make no mistake about it. This one is going to hurt, but in the end, for those that roll with it, it is for the best.


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