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   As Apollo's chariot plummets below the horizon, we are in danger of being clutched by the Scorpion's sharp claws. Everywhere around us, the life force is waning. These are the gates to the Underworld.

   All of life's stream passes through time's portal. The mammals burrow into their holes; the birds fly south. Halloween is the season's ritual, when the end of life; summer's colorful fruit, fragrance, and promise, is transformed into memories or a piquant harvest. The leaves have fallen, and we ponder the sum of our efforts. Another cycle is brought to an end.

Greek Sphinx

The Greek Sphinx

   But cycles can be more than simply annual. A day may represent an entire lifetime. The riddle Oedipus had to solve for the Sphinx, upon pain of death, reflects this sentiment:

   Said the Sphinx,

   "What being with but one voice has now two feet, now three, now four, and when it has the most is the weakest?"

   The answer, Oedipus quickly reported, was

   "Man, for men crawl on all fours as infants, stand firm on two legs in their prime, and lean upon a stick in their old age."

   -Mythology R. Cavendish

   In like manner, The New Year represents our birth, Spring our youth, Summer, our prime, Autumn, our life's harvest, while Winter represents maturity.

   Ages move through this natural cycle as well. At the inception, they're spirited, alive, and vibrant. The Skies choreograph a new dance, the Earth steps in time. There is a new hymn in heaven.

   We don't know much about the beginnings of Taurus, as it was so long ago. The plow had just been developed, and a whole new agricultural lifestyle was starting to unfold. The Earth was held as sacred.

   With understandable ramifications, the opening of Aries was intense chaos, as rival princes and kings duked it out (to coin a phrase) with each other, vying for supremacy. Everybody flamed-on and burnt out. This was the beginning of the Aryan Invasions. Trial by fire was life's new mandate.

   Fishers of Men floated center stage as the Age of Pisces took to boats, baptism, and second birth. In the early years of Christianity, people committed suicide so they could get into heaven quicker. That's enthusiasm! The surge of this stream first filled an Empire, and then spilled over onto the other continents. But whether through Buddhism, Christianity or Islam, faith flowed on these celestial waters, until an entire globe was circumnavigated.

   As autumn winds blow colder with the onset of darkness, it's time to prepare, both seasonally, and for the Age. Get ready for winter. The nest needs to be feathered, the harvest put up, the fuel stored.

   An Age is winding down, along with the currents that have sustained its growth, watered its religion, and maintained the focus for Western Civ. As the traditional ways lose their luster, so we will increasingly turn towards the glow of the coming New Dawn, the light of the future.

   The rumblings have begun, in Turkey, China, Mexico and California. These are the times which we have prepared. Listen to your inner voice. The countdown has started.


Egyptian Sphinx

An Egyptian Sphinx

The Monuments of Time

   ...continue to speak to us from across the centuries. The Sphinx is an image which was used both by Egyptians and Greeks, for they both memorialized it in their art.

   In Egypt, the Pharaoh assumed the natural powers of the animals in whose likeness he appeared. Here, the Pharaoh is seen as king; strong and powerful, youth and vigor resting in repose; but, like the lion, ready to strike at a moment's notice.

   The Greeks crafted their own style. Their motifs are from a much later date. Eagle wings were added to the body of a lion, as was a serpent's tail, but together with the head and breasts of a woman. The Sphinx was sent by Hera to punish King Laius for his abduction of Chrysippus. She settled atop Mt Phicium outside Thebes, where she would kill any passerby who failed to solve her riddle.

   Our Greek imagery- sent by Hera, and the woman's form- suggest a woman of power, passion and position, who by design, made life a living hell for the King of Thebes until successfully dispatched by Oedipus. One image, two monarchs, two different cultures.


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