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Present Hopi Prophecies

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   For the last two thousand years, civilization has been on a quest across a dark and mysterious sea of uncertainty. Faith, on a foggy night with no bell or star to guide the way, was all one had to go on. The signposts of life were nowhere visible.

   This metaphor for the Age of Pisces aptly describes the soul's quest for union with an unknown Almighty. The keys have been simplicity, humility, and peace. Like the monks of Buddhism or Christianity, our highest ideals have beckoned from mystical depths, as we all seek to commune with that still, divine voice from within. But from that communion can come prophecies...

   The Hopi traditionalists fully believe that their prophecies came from the Creator. They saw this Creator through the form of a Great Spirit on the Earth, a Spirit named Maasaw. Nine hundred years ago he came to the Hopi, to teach them the way. Their roots were in Mother Earth, venturing into her womb through caves and by building Kivas. They also had numerous sacred shrines across the land.

   The Hopi believe that we now stand at the end of the Fourth Cycle, a period of time during which the world will come to a close. They believe the coming of the white man was foretold by Maasaw. He also said that the Hopi land would be the last target, a test of survival for the Natives of this land. If they fall, the extermination will be completed by Bahanna's (the white's) kingdom.

   Maasaw told them of a 'House of Mica' being built (United Nations) on the eastern shores of the land. The Hopi were to make four attempts to speak to the people at the House of Mica. If the doors failed to open, they were to throw their case behind them, toward the setting sun...

   Here are a few other predictions, given by Maasaw, which could be easily interpreted by recent events:

   There will be roads in the sky. There will be moving houses of iron. Men will have the ability to speak through cobwebs and through space. Men's clothing will be worn by women. One day children will turn on their parents, forgetting the instructions of Maasaw. The teachings will change, destroying the balance of Hopi life. The destruction will go further than just their village. The whole earth could be thrown off balance.

   Mother villages are endowed with mystical powers of self-protection. Those who disturb their roots without respect will suffer great misfortunes which could extend to the whole of mankind.

   The time will come when many will put material laws above the Great Spirit's laws. Yet in time of need, all disbelievers will abandon those things and cry out to the Great Spirit for help.

   These are but a few of the prophecies the Hopi speak of, about the past and the present, but there are more that speak of the future and what will happen at the end of the Fourth Cycle.

   As the Bible has its mythic Book of Revelation, and the Norse, one thousand years ago, still spoke of Odin and Thor; so Pisces has been an age of the subconscious. It is a time lived both in ignorance, and a belief in divine powers of prophetic proportions. Pisces is imagination, fantasy, prayer, intuitiveness, mysticism, magic, and spiritual communion. Being in touch from within (or not) has always been the core of its essence.




Techqua Ikachi

   Around 1100 AD, the Guardian Spirit of the Earth came to the Hopi and taught them, the 'Way'. Techqua Ikachi is their creed. In English, it translates as 'blending with the land and celebrating life.'

   Like their Tibetan counterparts on the other side of the world, the Hopi today are widely known as a peaceful people whose humility and extensive religious rituals have helped keep them in tune with the spirit of the Earth. Even today, the Hopi have remembered how to return to their Kivas to listen to what the Earth Mother has to say.

   For 900 years, they have followed these ancient teachings; until this century. The tradition is now in danger of being lost, as the traditional elders warnings are ignored. The elders have said that if the land is violated by strip-mining, our global environmental balance will be irrevocably upset.


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